Impacts of Mask Mandates

This article is not to prove how unconstitutional mask mandates are or the scientific reasons against them, but rather to bring attention to the numerous rarely thought about ways mask mandates affect many people’s everyday lives.

California’s Mass Exodus

there is a mass Exodus of conservatives leaving California for red states. Is it really a surprise? Is it worth living in California anymore?

Trumps Second Term Agenda: “Fighting For You!”

Trump’s Second Term Agenda: “Fight For You” broken down, and explained with my opinion sprinkled over the top. Promise after promise kept, and The Best Is Yet To Come!

The Left-wing Mainstream Media is Defending Cuties

Cuties, the french film on Netflix has sparked righteous outrage over its explicit nature documenting a child finding herself through twerking. The Leftist MSM has come to the film’s rescue for this Sundance award winning film.

BLM are a Domestic Terrorists Organization

these are not “peaceful protests”, these are domestic terrorists working in an organized manner.

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