The Left Continues to Sexualize Children

In October, Hazard High School in Kentucky held a “Man Pageant” where teen boys danced like strippers in front of and against the male faculty of the high school. Surprisingly, there are even parents defending this heinous act!

Like Father, Like Son

The legacy media are such corrupt and demented radical Leftists that they’ll go through tremendous efforts to hide the scandals of the Biden Crime Family. Their talking heads actively assisted in covering up the 2020 October Surprise—Hunter Biden’s infamous Laptop from Hell—and the subsequent stomach-churning reports of incestuous sexual abuse conducted by Former Vice President Biden and his deranged, drug addict son.

The Left-wing Mainstream Media is Defending Cuties

Cuties, the french film on Netflix has sparked righteous outrage over its explicit nature documenting a child finding herself through twerking. The Leftist MSM has come to the film’s rescue for this Sundance award winning film.

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