The Biden Series

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This page is simply a place to showcase all of my articles showing the true character and cognitive decline of Former Vice President Joe Biden, which I fondly refer to as the Biden Series.

Creepy Joe Biden

This Is Who You Voted For

This is not about the 2020 Presidential Election. This is simply Joe Biden in a nutshell. His gaffes, his braindead moments, and moments of unintentional truths and lies. These are unaltered clips of the “big man,” your man, Joe Biden.

With Gaffes Like These, How Can Anyone Justify a Biden Vote?

Joe Biden has a habit of having blunders and gaffes at times, his cognitive impairment presenting a range of unintelligible remarks that are completely overlooked by the mainstream media. This breakdown clearly shows he is not quite all there, and why people are more likely to be voting against Trump, than for Biden:

Biden’s History of Racism

First, we’ll start off the Biden Series with my final article: “Biden’s History of Racism.” Biden has a history of making questionable racially related comments. It is not hard to find his offensive remarks online, but I gathered some of Biden’s most memorable racist moments, and here’s the breakdown:

Biden’s Nobel Nomination

Next, we’ll visit Joe Biden being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize on the day of the first 2020 Presidential Debate in: “Biden’s Nobel Nomination.” Curious on whether Joe Biden has been a harbinger of peace throughout his nearly half century in politics? Here’s the breakdown of Biden’s worthiness on an award dedicated to peace:

Biden Blunders

Moving on to “Biden Blunders,” Former Vice President Joe Biden is showing rapid decline in his cognitive capabilities, and the Left and mainstream media do everything in their power to keep the public from knowing how far gone he is. Watching him as a conservative, it makes you physically and internally cringe at the Democrat party for picking their presidential nominee so.. gracefully… Here’s the breakdown:

Biden’s Disturbing Habit of Inappropriate Touching

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been filmed, photographed, and had complaints against him for inappropriately touching women and children. He has a long history of lacking respect for personal boundaries. This is a breakdown of the many allegations against him and a display of his disturbing actions caught on tape.

2020 Debate: Biden’s Gaffes and Attacks

The next spot in the Biden Series is a three part article on the First 2020 Presidential Debate. While The First 2020 Presidential Debate was an utter disaster in terms of debating, with President Trump having to debate with moderator Chris Wallace of FOX News as much as the Democrat Nominee, Former Vice President Joe Biden; Wallace constantly allowed Biden to tell blatant lies, but not allowing the President to defend himself. Here’s my three part breakdown of Biden’s Gaffes and Attacks in the 2020 Presidential Debate:

Will Biden Dodge the Debate?

Before the First 2020 Presidential Debate, I wrote an article about my internal debate on whether or not Biden would show up for the debate called “Will Biden Dodge the Debate?” Here’s a breakdown of my reasons why I thought he possibly wouldn’t show, including incidences of cognitive dysfunction:

For now that’s all of my articles giving you a taste of the real Joe Biden. Vote red to save America. God bless the President of the United States and God bless America!

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