Trump Accomplishments 2017-2020

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Robby Starbuck compiled this 24 page list of President Trump’s Accomplishments from his first four years in office as President of the United States of America. The Mainstream Media would have you believe that he has done next to nothing to benefit any members of our society except the elite, when he has been doing quite the opposite! This exquisite, amazingly researched compilation was even an eye opener for someone like me who knew of many accomplishments, but I knew nowhere near the amount on this list.

The list was last updated in August, so it is missing accomplishments, you can go to GrowUpLive and subscribe for updates.

It is so common to see people ranting on the internet or overhearing and even being party to conversations alleging President Trump is a racist, bigot, evil, the worst president, an idiot, and more; however, they never have anything to substantiate their claims. I have done extensive research into the president, trying to find something the mainstream media accurately reported on that showed any of those things. The media loved him until he was running against Hillary Clinton, and it started its dislike for him in the Obama days.

In addition to the baseless accusations and attacks on the president’s integrity, there has been an ongoing widespread misinformation campaign undermining the economic growth under President Trump’s administration. Instead the credit is given to the president with the worst post-WWII economy– Former President Obama. Before President Trump, in December of 2015, there was an apparent awareness of Obama’s falsely portrayed economy in an article titled, “Sorry, This Is Still The Worst Economic Recovery Ever.”

Once the Orange Man Bad campaign began, the historic record breakingly weak economy of the Obama administration was suddenly transformed into the faux cause behind President Trump’s economic recovery and growth. The Fake News Media will try to pound the idea into your head of it being Obama’s economy until you believe it must be true.

Yet last year, even USA Today admitted that there is a revival of the middle class under the Trump administration, while an article Investors said Trump was fulfilling Obama’s empty promises saying, “The latest expectation-shattering jobs report isn’t a fluke. It’s another sign that President Trump’s economic policies are improving the lives of middle class families.”

In fact, according to the IBD/TIPP polls, quality of life in Trump’s America has been significantly higher than that of the quality of life in Obama’s America, until this year, when the manufactured impacts of the pandemic, such as lockdowns and rioting, has affected everyone’s quality of life dramatically for the worse.

When questioned regarding Leftist’s sources, they take it as an attack or say something along the lines of, “why should I look it up for you, conservatives are lazy!” Ironically, if it was the other way around and they were questioning your sources, and you replied in that manner, they would say, “it’s your argument, you should have your sources prepared, conservatives are so lazy!” You really can’t win sometimes. The funny thing is the utter laziness in them wanting you to be the one to source your argument and research to prove their argument for them.

However, I digress. There are many out there who are sheeple to the Legacy Media and have the wool pulled down over their eyes. Some of them are willfully ignorant so they can maintain their belief in “Orange Man Bad.” There are also people who aren’t aware there are reliable independent media sources to help keep people informed. Others are too busy with their daily lives to watch or read up on current events and related topics, and they tend to get most of their news through word of mouth. The largest massing of misinformation and disinformation is the Big Tech social media platforms. The most dangerous and radical, from my experience, are the people who religiously watch Mainstream Media outlets like CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and ABC, and cling onto every word as gospel.

Normally it seems, Conservatives tend to watch or read Conservative AND Liberal media sources and research what they find out to determine what to believe, usually questioning everything from media to government information. On the other hand, most Liberals rely on their Liberal source for all of their news and believe the news outlets and the government (well, the Democrats) are being completely honest and have their best interest in mind.

This is an objective list that includes President Trump’s many accomplishments in the black community, native American communities, and We The People of The United States of America. It does not include things like the recent peace deals between Israel and Bahrain or between Kosovo and Serbia; all with the help of President Donald J Trump. He has since been nominated for four Nobel Peace Prizes for accomplishing the impossible and creating the beginnings of peace in The Middle East.

I encourage you to check out the list whether you like or dislike, or even have a deeply rooted hatred for President Trump. This is a factual look at the majority of his first term as president.

There is another list of accomplishments you can look over that shows his many accomplishments in the realm of religious freedom. I implore you to take a look if you believe your religious Rights are sacred. I use the other list because the target audience, unfortunately, don’t tend to be the most spiritual people, and even find his fight for religious liberty to be insulting in some way. Check out the other list by clicking here.

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  2. There are many more accomplishments. The right to try. What he has done for the vets. What he has done for human trafficking. The military,

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