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Former Vice President Joe Biden is showing rapid decline in his cognitive capabilities, and the Left and mainstream media do everything in their power to keep the public from knowing how far gone he is. The fact that there are this many misspeaks/bloopers/gaffes/blunders that are so bad that the following video couldn’t narrow it down to a top ten makes it even more mind-blowing that anyone would knowingly vote for him!! Yes, it is pretty sad that they are still sending him up there, and on the verge of being elder abuse. I especially feel like his wife is behaving especially shamefully, parading him around the way she does.

The Democrats tend to remind us to “never let a good crisis go to waste,” so why not enjoy an epic montage of his Biden Blunders. Need a pick me up? I have you taken care of in the video below. I’m warning you, it’s almost painful watching this. These are incredibly cringeworthy… but no, he’s definitely got the mental capabilities to be the leader of the greatest nation on earth, The United States of America, and We The People strongly support him. Or at least the polls say so, and they’ve never been wrong about anything like presidential election polls before…

Video from “Don’t Walk, Run! Productions”

Watching him as a conservative, it makes you physically and internally cringe at the Democrat party for picking their presidential nominee so.. gracefully… they picked him like he was picked out of a hat. If I was a Democrat I would be absolutely insulted that the Democrat party had even a fleeting thought that I would consider him acceptable as a nominee.

In terrible Democratic debate last year1, he was asked what the first issue he would address as president, if he only could do one thing, what would it be? Biden literally said, “The first thing I would do is make sure that we defeat Donald Trump!! Period.”

“The first thing I would do [as president] is make sure that we defeat Donald Trump!! Period.”

Joe Biden

Unfortunately, Former Vice President Joe Biden even doesn’t seem to know where he is half the time! He was taped in Wilmington, DE2 saying in a speech, “I didn’t know where we were,” in reference to their actual, physical location. When Liberals tout Biden as an amazing speaker and wholeheartedly believe it when they say things like he will “destroy Trump in a debate,” it makes me concerned for the future of our nation. Though when the Biden 2020 national press secretary T.J. Ducklo was being asked repeatedly by Bret Baier of FOX News3 if Biden uses a teleprompter, he outright refused to answer the question.

We aren’t as dimwitted as they imply we are, and aware that not answering the question is an answer in itself. However, if you retained any traces of mild curiosity after Ducklo continuously ducked the question, I will spare you in the spirit of inquiry. Yes, Biden does use a teleprompter, even for the most insignificant interviews, like his recently revived appearance from April with host of Carpool Karaoke’s James Corden on the Late Late Show. Naturally, after the video resurfaced, being part of the mainstream media, Corden quickly jumped to Biden’s defense4. Regrettably for Joe Biden, the “debunking” was just Corden claiming that it was his teleprompter, and that his interviewees can see it on their Zoom screen.

This doesn’t explain why, seen in the reflection in glass of the photograph5 which he feebly lifted to show to the camera, the teleprompter is necessary for Biden to be able to see because it still proves that they are pre-planned questions asked of him. It implants the scene in my mind’s eye of a teenager being caught with marijuana, and their friend saying, “just ignore that, it’s my pot. I just keep it in his pocket when we’re together.”

Joe Biden also has a strange recollection of the number of people that make up the population and the effects, in numerical values, of different threats to society on the population. When speaking on gun violence in a presidential debate in March of this year, Biden declared, “150 million people have been killed [by guns] since 2007.6

In June, Joe Biden mistakenly claimed7, “people don’t have a job. People don’t know where to go. They don’t know what to do. Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID.” Last week when disparaging President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, he proclaimed, “it’s estimated that over 200 million people will have died [of COVID-19], probably by the time I finish this talk,” practically killing off over half of our nation of 327 million people in one shot! Between the insane number of COVID-19 deaths (according to Joe) and the previously stated 150 million gun deaths, he has turned us into a country with a negative population!

Again, having difficulties with numbers, Biden said7,Military COVID infected: 118,984. Military COVID deaths: 6,114. Folks, every one of these lives mattered,” when as of then the actual number of military personnel infected was 40,026 with only seven members of the military that have succumbed to the flu-like disease, according to the Defense Department.

In one of the most horrific speeches given by the former president back in April, the Federalist Papers use the perfect word to describe it- unintelligible8:

“My message is that the president has to move more rapidly. You know, we know from experience that speed matters. We know that you can’t go too fast. It’s about going too slow. And in order to avoid that — those very high (death) numbers, we have to do at least several things. One, we have to depend on what the president is going to do right now. And first of all, he has to tell — wait till the cases — before anything happens — look, the whole idea is he’s got to get in place things that were shortages of. We’re not testing enough people. We don’t — our first responders, docs and nurses, don’t have the gloves, the masks. They don’t have the equipment they need. We’re short on ventilators.”

former vice president joe biden

Sometimes when his gaffes are especially horrendous, Big Tech will strip social media of the evidence, videos taken down from YouTube, even places like The Wrap9 and Newsbreak10 have gaffe articles that lead to missing web pages and removed videos.

Let’s not forget the outrageous racial gaffes he has made. Honestly, I’m not sure whether they should even be classified as gaffes or chalk it up to him being outright racist. Towards the end of May, Biden had an interview with Charlamagne tha God on “The Breakfast Club” that turned out absolutely disastrous; so outrageous that even CNN had to report on it.11 Joe Biden, the Democratic Presidential Nominee, told the black host:

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black”

Joe biden to charlamagne tha god

The former vice president has an amazingly talented gift for managing to gaffe even when clearly using a teleprompter or speaking “from the heart”.12 He couldn’t even make it through his pre-recorded Democratic National Convention Presidential Nominee acceptance speech without a blunder that resulted in a sentence with a completely opposite meaning than his scripted words that he was meant to say.

Then there’s the time that Joe Biden seemingly forgot the words to the Declaration of Independence,13 resorting to his blunder back up phrase- “you know…the thing.” Either that or the only other thing I can think of is that it was an anti-God fumble, much like the Pledge of Allegiance at the DNC.

I could literally keep remembering more Biden Blunders to write about until this article is longer than the list of black men incarcerated with absurdly long sentences for petty drug charges because of his 1994 Crime Bill. Every day is a new gaffe, every day is more pathetic, and every day seems more and more like elder abuse. Though I seemingly take his state of mental health quite humorously, and I possibly inappropriately find comedic value in his lack of sophisticated communication; I feel pity for this senile old man. My grandfather had dementia, and it is truly heartbreaking to watch a loved one suffer from it. However, Joe Biden isn’t my grandpa, he wasn’t really a good person to begin with, and there are only so many gaffes one can bear before the dark humor starts seeping out.

Maintaining his character reputation, in a final show of Joe Biden’s true-to-self racist ideals, I will leave you with this gaffe from when Joe Biden was speaking at the Asian and Latino Coalition in August of this year. With God as my witness, and the video below as my evidence; the former vice president stated, Poor kids are just as bright, just as talented, as white kids.”14 I may need to make a follow up article to this one if they keep letting him keep saying…. “you know, the thing!”


Since you made it this far, I thought I’d include this fun little Joe vs Joe presidential debate because it is absolutely hilarious. If the Left didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

Call to Action:

  • Watch/read news from BOTH SIDES.
  • PROTECT your family and fellow Patriots
  • REFUTE misinformation
  • DO NOT fall into the Third Party trap. Remember Ross Perot is how Clinton got elected.

This is a civil war between Communism and America. There is no more Democrat vs Republican right now. America needs to be united in the party of Patriots who believe in our constitution and the inherent right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The radical Left has thrown their hail Mary, and we need to get our heads in the game and intercept that pass before it’s too late. Whether or not you believe Orange Man Bad, The Republicans who followed President Donald J Trump are the only hope for remaining a constitutional republic.

NEVER FORGET: They are Rights enumerated to remind us and our government of our innate and indisputable liberties that are granted to us by our Creator, not our government; NEVER to be infringed or impinged upon by elected officials nor bureaucratic narcissists, ALWAYS as protection for We The People from tyranny and despotism at even the highest level of our hierarchical structure.

This page is a conservative-leaning blog that takes the facts from current events and gives objective information as well as my opinion on those facts. I am not an expert in any field, nor do I claim to give expert advice, but I will try to get you all of the evidence-based information I can find.

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I am a patriotic mother who has a passion for researching and a knack for writing. Usually judged by my California roots and hippie lifestyle; people automatically assume I am a Liberal, but that couldn’t be further from reality. I’m a pragmatic Constitutional Conservative, and find my information from both sides of the aisle in order to get to the facts.

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