Rittenhouse: The Crime of Self Defense

Kyle Rittenhouse is being defamed and demonized by the far-Left for defending himself from violent rioting arsonists, resulting in the deaths of two attackers and vaporized an assailant’s bicep saving his head from being blown off. Here’s a breakdown of Kyle, what led to the horrible situation, and what happened.

The Left Uses “White Privilege” to Create Division

the radical Left uses race to pit people against each other spreading harmful false narratives.

Two Drastically Different Bloody Tuesdays

A white 17 year old kills two white violent felons in self defense, and is charged with 1st degree murder. 19 year old black man felt like murdering a white man, gets charged with aggravated assault.

Jay Danielson: Rest In Peace, Patriot

Murdered in cold blood for being a “Trumper,” Jay Danielson, was a patriot and the kind of murder that actually would warrant a protest for justice. Rest in Peace, Aaron “Jay” Danielson.

BLM are a Domestic Terrorists Organization

these are not “peaceful protests”, these are domestic terrorists working in an organized manner.

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