Medias Attempt at Distraction from Antifa Murdering Jay Danielson

The MSM does not want you to be aware that Antifa is targeting Trump supporters. they’d rather have you distracted arguing over the integrity of our president. look, a distraction!

The Marxist Revolution in America

I wrote this a couple of months ago, but it applies now more than ever. This Marxist revolution is disgusting. Just past the horizon is a Marxist America that I never want my kids to live through. Please read till the end, this is so very important. Sources and Facebook posts of my research linksContinue reading “The Marxist Revolution in America”

Mike Rowe Has My Respect

Mike Rowe is the brilliant average Joe of whom my quote on my personal profile is from, and he has soooo much of my respect. I saw this and had a good laugh, went to repost it as a funny, and then realized that many may simply turn their nose up to him as wellContinue reading “Mike Rowe Has My Respect”

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