Medias Attempt at Distraction from Antifa Murdering Jay Danielson

The media’s current goal is to have you distracted with anonymous accusations from the Atlantic against the president so you forget that Aaron “Jay” Danielson was targeted, stalked, and murdered by BLM/Antifa for being a Trump supporter.

The media doesnt want this man’s murder to be widespread knowledge. The easiest way to do that is to keep your attention somewhere else. Whenever the media unifies to make an attack on President Trump’s integrity, there is most certainly something they dont want people to see. They spew obvious misinformation to take advantage of the fact that Trump supporters feel obligated to defend unjust attacks on our president, and fence sitters get sucked into the debate, so that no one is talking about the real problems.

First, the MSM tried to spin it as part of the “clashing” of opposing forces as the Trump rally died down, as though the victim played an active role in his death. Video showed otherwise, and it became more apparent that it was a targeted attack.

You can clearly hear, on one of the two videos taken of the attack, someone yelling, “we got em right here! We got a Trumper right here!” Jay Danielson was not even facing his murderer until after that was hollered; within seconds he was shot through the heart and collapsed onto the pavement. Aside from that, Danielson was not being rowdy post-rally in a place where he shouldnt have been, like the MSM would want you to believe, he was by his residence.

Reinoehl, a fugitive wanted for Danielsons murder, was interviewed by Vice where he made it clear he was “100% Antifa,” and admitted to shooting the Patriot Prayers member claiming he was defending a friend of color from being stabbed.

This leads me to believe, Reinoehl was either lying through his teeth or completely delusional. The police records, released with the warrant for Reinoehl’s arrest, has images taken from the local CCTV cameras that show Reinoehl stalks the victim, lying in wait with his hand on his weapon, directly before the murder takes place. Unfortunately, he will never have his day in court for him to be convicted of his abhorrent crimes because he was killed in a shootout with Fugitive Taskforce that was there arresting him in Washington state.

Like any innocent, upstanding member of society who was clearly defending himself, Michael Reinoehl immediately fled from the scene, and then the state. Shortly after the tragic incident took place, Reinoehl was identified by civilians on 4Chan mainly by his giant BLM fist tattooed on his neck. Antifa was already touting him as a sort of hero, and danced in the streets while celebrating the “Trumper’s” execution.

A little look into the background of Reinoehl shows that he shouldnt have even been on the streets to have the opportunity for this heinous attack. If the District Attorneys of these Democrat ran cities didnt play catch and release with these domestic terrorists, they both might still be alive today. Reinoehl was cited July 5th for having a loaded gun while resisting arrest at a BLM riot. Subsequently charges were dropped before the end of the month. Then the July 26th he tried to wrestle a gun from someone and got himself shot in the arm. He spent zero time in jail and didnt get so much as a ticket for either incident.

Less than a month before that he was caught street racing at speeds over 110 mph with his minor son (in nice cars for a communist snowboard instructor- Cadillac and Subaru), while both were under the influence, with his young daughter riding shotgun. If he had to do time in jail for his award winning parenting, he and Jay Danielson would possibly be alive today.

The reality is, a man was executed solely for supporting the President of the United States of America. The man responsible was self-proclaimed “100% antifa” and obviously a part of BLM by the enormous tattoo on his neck. BLM/antifa were publicly celebrating the murder. The Harris-Biden campaign may have finally condemned violence, but they and other Democrat leaders refuse to condemn Antifa or BLM by name (because it would be an attack on their own voter base).

Published by Fiery, but Mostly Peaceful Sara

I am a patriotic mother who has a passion for researching and a knack for writing. Usually judged by my California roots and hippie lifestyle; people automatically assume I am a Liberal, but that couldn’t be further from reality. I’m a pragmatic Constitutional Conservative, and find my information from both sides of the aisle in order to get to the facts.

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