Jay Danielson: Rest In Peace, Patriot

This year I have seen so many people murdered in horrible livestreaming events. Sometimes those recording the incident laugh, sometimes they are frightened, occasionally they run to render aid. It saddens me to admit that this is nowhere near as horrific as some of the videos I watched, most in real-time; it is however, one of the most frightening because the man was clearly targeted to be murdered.

On the video you can hear the BLM rioters holler twice, “got a Trumper over here! We got one right here!” Directly after hearing that, as the hairs on your neck begin to rise, Aaron “Jay” Danielson was gunned down in the street by the BLM/Antifa rioter. Fortunately, that man was able to be identified by digital warriors and amateur sleuths of 4Chan who spotted him in other videos throughout the day of rioting. They also had found someone with a video from another angle where you can see, two shots were fired, The first bullet piercing his can of mace, he stumbled a couple of steps into the street, and collapsed as his murderer ran away. People in suspicious acting vehicles stopped, and bystanders ran to him. His friend chased off the BLM “medics” that just so happened to be waiting at the intersection next to the murder. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jay Bishop, as he was commonly called, was specifically targeted for being a Trump supporter, and gunned down in cold blood. This occurred just a day after Mayor Wheeler not only refused President Trump’s offer to send aid, but he insulted the president with wild accusations for offering to help. The mayor called the rioters “proud progressive tradition of Portlanders fighting for justice,” in that letter (shown on the left). He referred to the burning of buildings and utter destruction of his city saying, “tens of thousands of Portlanders have protested and marched peacefully for the noble cause of fixing our broken criminal justice system.”

The way Mayor Wheeler’s helping fight the criminal justice system is by not allowing the local police to do what they need to do to take back their city from these insurrectionists. Without the police department able to quell the violence, vigilantism is inevitable from both sides, no matter how delusional the justification for one’s actions. This man was murdered while strolling down the street with his friend, solely because he was a “Trumper.” It is absolutely sickening. Are we still in America? Am I awake? This shouldn’t have happened in the most amazing nation on the planet. How is it in America, we actually have to be concerned about being hunted down and persecuted or murdered by a rage mob, who are literally destroying cities across America, for the crime of supporting our current president? Our country is becoming unrecognizable as the Marxism sweeps the nation.

Welcome to the Thunderdome….

UPDATE: Suspect the Portland PD will be investigating is one Michael Reinoehl, a 48 year old from Portland, Oregon, self described as a “professional snowboarder and contractor who has former military experience but “hated” his time in the army.” He was identified by sources on 4chan, but the identity has also been confirmed by a sister who claimed he was often irrational and impulsive, and estranged from the family.

Reinoehl was cited for possessing a loaded gun in public and resisting arrest after interfering with the police while “protesting” in July (at around 2 in the morning). His case was dropped without spending a second behind bars. According to Oregon Live, “Michael Reinoehl faces allegations including driving under the influence of a controlled substance, recklessly endangering another, unlawful possession of a gun and driving while suspended and uninsured.”

UPDATE: Reinoehl was shot and killed by US Marshals when the fugitive task force came to arrest him on the suspected murder. He had done an interview on Vice News that aired minutes prior to the New York Times released the news that Reinoehl was gunned down. In the video he described the shooting as a necessity to save his “friend of color” from being stabbed. The photos in the arrest warrant showed that Reinoehl had stalked the men and then laid in wait, hand on his weapon, for his chance to shoot a targeted Trump supporter.

If you would like to donate to the family, they have a GoFundMe. They specifically have expressed that there is only one GoFundMe that goes to th family; any others are fraudulent donation pages. The family is using most of the money to help his business partner stay afloat during these difficult times. You can donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/aaron-danielson-official-page/share

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