Aaron “Jay” Danielson’s Killer Deceased

Killer of fallen patriot Aaron “Jay” Danielson was killed in shootout with US Marshals and local Sheriff’s deputies. “Michael Reinoehl Dead,” Heavy reports.

He had been interviewed by Vice prior to his death (the police scanner mentions the shooter from Portland, at the time of writing this I hadn’t seen verification outside of news sources like statements from law enforcement), and claimed he shot Danielson because he was protecting his friend from being stabbed.

I found that to be quite interesting, considering the video shows the victim walking away before being called out as a Trump supporter, then upon turning around was shot in the chest (apparently through his mace which explains the gunshot and simultaneous puff of what looked like smoke). The whole incident was very odd if you watch the vehicles in the area and the camera man’s lack of any physical reaction to the sudden gunshots (i.e. jumping or dropping to take cover).

When Reinoehl decided to do the interview, I wonder if he realized that by claiming he shot Danielson in self defense he was giving an open admission of being the shooter.

Other than that, if the District Attorney of Oregon didnt play catch and release with these people, they both might still be alive today. Reinoehl was cited July 5th for having a loaded gun while resisting arrest at a BLM riot, and subsequently charges were dropped before the end of the month, and then the July 26th he tried to wrestle a gun from someone and got himself shot in the arm. He spent zero time in jail and didnt get so much as a ticket for either incident.

Less than a month before that he was caught street racing at speeds over 110 mph with his minor son (in nice cars for a communist snowboard instructor- Cadillac and Subaru), while both were under the influence, with his young daughter riding shotgun. If he had to do time in jail for his award winning parenting, he and Jay Danielson would possibly be alive today.

Not very much information available yet on this story. I’m sure the Leftist Mainstream Media will twist him into another martyr, but to be perfectly honest there is a chance he was too white for the Leftists to bring that type of attention to.

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