Buffalo Bills Player Damar Hamlin Collapses After His Heart Failed on the Field During Nationally Broadcasted NFL Game

This breakdown delves into the recent emotionally-rocking and all-around terrible tragedy, of Damar Hamlin’s sudden heart failure, that shook the world of American sports during the NFL’s Week 17 Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals football game; a moment that, quite frankly, I will never forget.

NFL’s Demario Davis: Truly a “Man of God”

Demario Davis is a special man in the NFL, whom I believe deserves recognition for his charitability and perseverance. Truly a man of God, he didnt let the NFL put restraints his beliefs, instead using the situation as an opportunity to raise money for a hospital. This eventually led to the Devoted Dreamers Foundation, which he founded to help better the future of America’s youth.

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