OpEd: How I Lost Over 75 Pounds in Nine Months

“What’s your secret,” is the most commonly asked question when I post updates of my weight loss journey. Upon request, here is the breakdown of what I have done to lose nearly 80 lbs, including ten dress sizes and almost 10 inches around my waist alone, in nine months. Since writing, I have continued to lose weight and inches, gain muscle, and work hard!

It’s My Birthday, And I’ll Write If I Want To.

I have been on a hiatus from media of any sort for a couple of weeks, and I am ready to start catching up on current events so I can write articles for my wonderful readers. Here’s a small breakdown of my time away from Clownworld.

OP-ED: “Coming Out” as a Conservative

One of the most difficult decisions I made last year was to come out as a conservative. Though it may be shocking that I was ever shy about my political beliefs, there was a time when I hid amongst the California Liberals and Leftists around me. Here’s my “coming out” as a Conservative story.

We The People Need to Stand Up Against Tyranny

The draconian lockdown measures are tyrannical and clearly not based in science, and this breakdown shows people standing up against the tyrannical orders from governments who wish to take our Rights.

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