Assassination Attempts on President Trump

President Trump is no stranger to threats on his life from radical Leftists and their “useful idiots,” holding the seat as the number 1 target of death threats (With Don Jr ranking number 2). There are sick public figures even making disturbing jokes about his demise constantly. Numerous accounts of violence incited on President Trump are growing, as well as the handful of documented assassination attempts stopped by the Secret Service, the most recent being this past weekend by a Trump hating Canadian. Threats aside, here is my breakdown of the assassination attempts on our current POTUS.

NFL’s Demario Davis: Truly a “Man of God”

Demario Davis is a special man in the NFL, whom I believe deserves recognition for his charitability and perseverance. Truly a man of God, he didnt let the NFL put restraints his beliefs, instead using the situation as an opportunity to raise money for a hospital. This eventually led to the Devoted Dreamers Foundation, which he founded to help better the future of America’s youth.

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