Voting by Party Affiliation: How a “Transexual Satanist Anarchist” Got the GOP Vote

I strongly encourage everyone to read this blog post by self-described “transexual satanist anarchist,” Aria DiMezzo, who ran for Republican High Sheriff in Cheshire County, New Hampshire1– and won the primaries. Over 4,000 GOP voters, whom I am almost positive wouldn’t vote for someone whose campaign slogan is “F*** the Police,” voted for DiMezzo. Boy, were they mad.

Possibly an unpopular opinion- I don’t think the voters have any grounds for outrage. The Republican voters voted based on party affiliation instead of candidate’s qualifications, and ultimately, they are the ones that voted for a candidate they knew absolutely nothing about. A Google search showed the above slogan on the campaign page in a huge, in-your-face type of way. There was no mistaking it, and one needn’t research any further than a name search to discover that DiMezzo was not someone they would consider casting a vote for, and for high sheriff no less! However, they were lazy, and thought a Republican vote is going to get them the right person no matter who it is. Possibly some people are under the misconception that to vote they must vote for every ballot initiative and position. YOU DONT HAVE TO VOTE ON ANYTHING. You can vote for one person or one bill if you want to. It is completely up to you, and your responsibility to do your due diligence as a voter.

Aria DiMezzo showed us that we need to research the candidates we are going to be casting our vote for, and I for one am rather impressed by this scheme. It has always bewildered me hearing people mention they didn’t know who they voted for, and what DiMezzo accomplished was a perfect incident displaying the importance of looking into the candidates before you vote. Even if they only looked into this candidate’s Facebook they would see a description of being, ““polyamorous transgender Mississippian lesbian anarchist atheist Aria DiMezzo2,””

Aria DiMezzo’s Facebook page

Unfortunately for this satanist, Aria has received numerous death threats and continuous hate mail from outraged citizens across the country. People that have nothing to do with New Hampshire, and normally wouldn’t think twice about a sheriff there, are behaving like the disgusting, vicious animals that they claim the Leftists are. Threatening and attacking this person isn’t beneficial to them, and they sound like they are actual alt-right extremists, unlike the moderates or conservatives that the Left likes to call alt-right.

There is absolutely no logical reason to be blaming DiMezzo for getting the Republican nomination because the people in the district actually, legitimately voted DiMezzo in. The fault is their own, and they are putting blame on the person who did absolutely nothing to deceive the public, running a campaign that is so obviously anti-police that they can’t even claim they were tricked! DiMezzo was incredibly honest and upfront about their political opinions, if only people either took the time to look into the people they’re voting for or they shouldn’t vote at all.

It may seem like I’m practically a cheerleader for Aria DiMezzo, but I honestly would rather have the Democrat win than someone who identifies as a satanist anarchist, and no one that hates police should be high sheriff. I hope for New Hampshire’s sake that the other candidate beats DiMezzo in the election, however, I do believe this is a much needed eye opener for We The People because blind votes could land anyone in office, and just because someone is running as a Republican does not mean that they uphold the same fundamental values that you do.

There are rumors that I do not intend to campaign against Eli Rivera. These rumors are not true, and I will be campaigning to win in November.

Aria DiMezzo

Luckily for Cheshire County, the incumbent high sheriff, Eli Rivera3, has held the position since 2013 and since this made news, he should have no problem getting the GOP vote after this shenanigan. Those 4,000 people who voted for DiMezzo made up around 16% of the GOP vote. With 40% of registered voters of Cheshire County being Republican voters4 in the last presidential election, and a total population of approximately 76,000 people, 83% of which are of voting age5 leaving approximately 25,000 Republican voters. That 4,000 is definitely a percentage that could completely sway the vote.

I truly hope people learn a lesson from this situation, and am personally grateful that DiMezzo pulled a stunt like this. Again, I cannot stress how much this is not the fault of the nominee for other people casting their votes for them. It is completely the fault of the voter. Once more, I encourage you to read the blog post from Aria’s blog1

Honestly, I could do better at learning about my local government candidates during the primaries, but I never blindly vote for someone just because they are running in the party that I am affiliated with. I would rather leave the ones I don’t know anything about blank, than vote for initiatives or people I know nothing about. If you are going to vote, make sure your vote counts!


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      1. Groupthink is not tempting to me. It’s a symptom of weak-minded people not wanting to be responsible for their choices. Some people would rather be told what to think and how to act than make decisions based on critical thinking. It’s immensely pathetic. Surprisingly, I used to get Democrat spam calls and texts. They didn’t like that I was super blunt about who I was voting for. Hahaha.

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