Gangs Greenlight Cops in Lightfoot’s Chicago

According to a Monday night report from WLS-TV, approximately 36 street gangs have vowed to “shoot on-sight any cop that has a weapon drawn on any subject in public.

This after Mayor Lightfoot has actively sought to refuse the president’s offer of National Guard to get the city, which has become a violent dystopian society, for a reason to release her hateful rhetoric about the president while refusing to accept help.

The city of Chicago has double digit shootings every weekend ever since the attack on our Law Enforcement started. Babies and children are murdered every week during these horrific events. She continues to do nothing to ensure the safety of the people, simultaneously the city is doing quite the opposite. Chicago is letting violent criminals have an ankle monitor in lieu of jail. As a result, over 1,000 people in the program have been caught with illegal firearms, with 43 facing murder charges!

These Democrat mayors are sitting back, and watching their cities reduced to ash and rubble, while feeling secure in knowing they have taxpayer funded security detail. To them, the ultimate duty they have is to take out Donald J Trump at any cost, and right now the cost is their constituents. They virtue signal and pander to the demands of domestic terrorists while allowing their people to be subject to such terror.

The way I see it, their plan is this:

  1. Trump doesnt send National Guard because they say no to his offer, and looks like bad leadership (because people dont care about the differences between state and federal government).
  2. Trump is “proven” to be incompetent because he was forced to allow states to address their crises on their own.
  3. Trump finally does send the National Guard to their city after they say no to his offer, and looks like bad leadership (because the federal government is overreaching into state affairs).
  4. Trump is “proven” to be the dictator the Left claims he is because he was forced to save the lives of the citizens of America while they put politics first.

The report directing cop-killing that 3 dozen gangs are passing around, is titled “Pact Made by People Nation Gang Factions to ‘Shoot On-Site’ [sic] Any Police Officer with a Weapon Drawn.” Sounds a lot like a piece of a gang union handbook or something. This is not good at all. Crime is intense in Chicago right now, and Mayor Beetlejuice is a huge part of the problem.

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I am a patriotic mother who has a passion for researching and a knack for writing. Usually judged by my California roots and hippie lifestyle; people automatically assume I am a Liberal, but that couldn’t be further from reality. I’m a pragmatic Constitutional Conservative, and find my information from both sides of the aisle in order to get to the facts.

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