Bill Gates: the “Expert” Jack of All Trades

It is more apparent each time he makes an appearance that Bill Gates is regarded as an expert, by the Leftist media, in everything from epidemiology to education to technology, especially strangly touted as an authority to look to for guidance and trustworthy information during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Global Vaccination Obsession

Currently, countries like Nigeria, Pakistan, and Chad are not pleased with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the organizations he helped found and funds like the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation – now Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (GAVI), and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI). His extensive vaccine testing on the foreign, impoverished class has caused harm in at least six countries.

Ironically, GPEI pushed the polio vaccine on these third world populations, yet it has recently been identified by the United Nations (UN) for causing a vaccine-caused polio pandemic, derived polio type 2, in parts of Africa and Asia. Now, even GPEI has had to admit that vaccines caused polio in African children.

Ironically, merely a week prior, the World Health Organization (WHO) had made a declaration that the African continent was free of the WILD poliovirus. They’re not necessarily wrong, but that is a perfect example of typical misleading misinformation from the Globalists trying to push the New World Order (NWO). They had the audacity to say it was, “an incredible and emotional day,” all while children are becoming paralyzed, from vaccine-induced polio, in Sudan.

This should all be troubling to read because these are the same people who are behind the GAVI project “COVAX: Ensuring global equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines […] with a fast-moving pandemic, no one is safe, unless everyone is safe.”

Gates even declared on national television on CBS that he plans on vaccinating the entire global population, and disturbingly chuckled while explaining 10% of the global population would probably have severe (even fatal) adverse reactions to each dose of the vaccine, and that they would need to have multiple doses. This novel experimental mRNA-1273 “vaccine”, created by and with the shared ownership with Moderna and the National Institutes of Health [NIH], is a type of vaccine that has never been successful passing the FDA approval in decades.

Bill and Melinda Gates also “generously” donated $70 million for vaccines for COVID-19. According to Forbes, “Of the newly promised $70 million, $50 million will go to the Covax Advance Market Committee of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. The remaining $20 million of the Gates Foundation’s new funding is a grant to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, a foundation that coordinates the development of new vaccines.”

If you didn’t notice, the “generous” donations are both going to Gates controlled organizations.

Bill and Melinda Gates

“Also, related to pandemics is something people don’t like to talk about much, which is bioterrorism, that somebody who wants to cause damage could engineer a virus. So that means the chance of running into this is more than just the naturally caused epidemics like the current one.”

Bill Gates

On top of all that, Communist China can be found among the GAVI donors, and it seemed eerie and worth pointing out that China contributed a mere $5M, which is less than every organization and govt I could find. The rest of those on the list of GAVI donors can be found here. Needless to say, GAVI’s most influential donor is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; considering he is the mastermind behind the organization, there’s no surprise there.

Common Core

Unbeknownst to most, the people behind the idea of Common Core teamed up with Bill Gates in 2008, to create an utter failure and a disservice to the children who are taught that way in America. In fact, Bill Gates put hundreds of millions of dollars into the Common Core program, and politicians lined up to force this new, illogical, unprecedented form of education onto Americans, systemically transforming the fundamental teaching practices of our education system.

Gates convinced educators and education officials to make the switch by providing massive “donations” to places like teachers unions, such as the American Federation of Teachers [AFT] and the National Education Association [NEA], as well as various other organizations, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

In 2009, Gates paid nearly a million dollars to the Thomas B Fordham Institute, which, though an obvious conflict of interest, did the necessary assessment of the Common Core program. Now that it is well known that Common Core makes illiterate children, the Thomas B Fordham Institute has officially reversed their stance, condemning it altogether. At the time, the paid organization regarded the standards as “very, very strong” and “clearly superior” to many existing state standards. President Obama’s staffers, being made up of mostly former Gates Foundation employees, promptly endorsed the harmful program.

Common Core has gone woke

By 2010, there were 45 states and Washington DC that implemented Common Core into their schools. This alteration of American children’s curricula was done behind the backs of We The People; even most lawmakers were kept in the dark because of the way the education policy system is set up.

Jeb Bush, a vocal advocate of Common Core, has received approximately one million dollars from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. On the other side of the argument, politicians such as the previous administration’s Vice President and former governor of Oklahoma, Mike Pence, successfully worked at repealing the unsubstantiated Common Core Practices.

Unfortunately, Common Core remains the curriculum taught at most schools across the nation with Bill Gates as the self-proclaimed research and developer of the tools used by our education system, such as the Common Core program. Naturally, as the founder of Microsoft, the prevalent use of his products as part of the education system should appear to be yet another clear conflict of interests, considering he profits off of his own design; it definitely seems like it to me. Either way, it is yet another massive failed pet project of the seemingly altruistic philanthropist, Bill Gates.

Global Infringement of Privacy

Unfortunately, vaccines and public education aren’t the only influential, potentially harmful programs from Bill Gates that you should be wary of. Backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mastercard teamed up with GAVI to make a new technology for a 3D mask facial recognition ID, Trust Stamp, the Global Identity Verification. Trust Stamp can create a “mask” of one’s face, fingerprints, hands, etc so governments can identify anyone from practically any part of the body.

GAVI began this project in 2016, with Bill Gates at the head, and began implementing it in African countries in 2019. In the same fashion as the invasive Trust Stamp, they named it to sound misleadingly honest, implying we not only need it, but we will benefit from it. They dubbed it the Wellness Pass.

The expectation of this Wellness Pass is to be implemented into nearly every aspect of society; used for banking, shopping, identification, ankle bracelet substitute, immunization card, and more. The ankle bracelet substitute alone should be a red flag to people who respect the Right to privacy. MasterCard’s intentions, as told to the public and backed by governments across the globe, is for you to now pay for things in a “secure manner” that can’t be stolen— by using their digital currency. It also holds your medical records, going paperless.

Advertised as a beneficial technology, created for making our lives easier, and for a while even I was under the impression this would be an amazing societal advancement. Sure, it sounds like an ingenious idea for a perfect world free of the scheming elites, however, they only create these technologies for greedy, nefarious purposes. It almost makes nanotechnology and genetic bioengineering used for the investigational mRNA vaccines, being implemented by worldwide governments, seem like nothing.

The Trust Stamp is all the government, or whomever has access to the technology, would need to be able to scan even seemingly insignificant portions of your body they can catch a glimpse of to identify you. Essentially, you will effortlessly be tracked, even while blocking your face with your hand or wearing some sort of face covering.

NuData Security, a Mastercard company, claims their technology, “helps businesses identify users based on their online interactions and stops all forms of automated fraud,” as it creepily tracks your every keystroke, typing speed, physical changes, and more.

Passive biometrics technology builds a profile by looking at those inherent movements a user does. How we type, hold the device, or move the mouse are unique to each of us. Relying on inherent behavioral information, passive biometrics tells you if the right person is behind the device with high accuracy.

Considering the current divisive political environment we are living in, political dissidents could easily become political prisoners. It definitely would make freezing finances of dissidents much swifter than the banks’ methods utilized today.

In the wrong hands, in the generation filled with hackers, you could potentially be stalked by someone with malicious intentions. Trust Stamp publicizes an unbelievable desire to use it for safe quarantine tracking with another Trust Stamp program called Safe14.

Safe14 enables authorized government, non-profit, travel and global health-focused organizations to interrogate anonymized logs of traveler location through voluntary check-ins on the user’s mobile device, in parallel to authentication at traveler checkpoints and obtain binary confirmation of presence or absence in designated zones within the prior 14-days.

Trust Stamp’s Safe14

Then there’s Trust Stamp’s iCOMPLY, which sounds like it corresponds perfectly within the Communist NWO agenda, that’s because it does. iCOMPLY is a potentially powerful threat to not only Americans, but the entire world. Compliance has always been a word I find emphatically repugnant because of its robustly negative connotation. In fact, on their website, they market this to government agencies, including intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and even the military!

We’re are supposed to be rest assured that Bill Gates was sincere when he said they have no intention of implanting us with a microchip, especially via the mRNA-1273 “vaccine”. Nonetheless, Trust Stamp is more harmful than microchips, having the potential opportunity to be corrupted in some way. Trust Stamp is unique to each person and learns to adjust to changes in your body with the Evergreen Hash [EgHash], MasterCard touting the way it adapts with you as you adapt.”

EgHash can be compared to Trust Stamp’s Identity Lake, video-streams, photo-ID, and more to establish identity and can pivot to other data, enabling zero-knowledge-proofs. Trust Stamp technology is used in banking, FinTech, KYC/AML, real estate, travel/hospitality, and law enforcement. Honestly, that is absolutely terrifying. This is reminiscent of technology found in sci-fi movies set in a futuristic dystopian society.

GAVI also partnered with TikTok to, “use its technology, operational expertise, and platform to increase immunization and vaccination awareness to address the issue of misinformation.” Basically, they are going to flood your child’s brain with vaccine propaganda.

Trust Stamp will undoubtedly terminate precious anonymity that you’ve had the luxury of retaining your entire life.

Trust Stamp is possibly the most gigantic violation of personal privacy I could ever imagine. When linked to satellite drones, and the widespread street camera technology, you’ll potentially be tracked anywhere in the world. Trust Stamp would be detrimental to the autonomy of all people, considering it’s in the hands of Communist Authoritarians.

A reasonable conclusion to make is that the Leftist media will praise this for “breaking boundaries” by leaps and bounds in the world of technology. Instead, they’ve suspiciously stayed radio silent. I only happened upon this information while researching patents Microsoft owns, and to no one’s surprise, receives grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Why hasn’t this been all across the Leftist news media? Will Gates yet again bribe his way into another dangerous endeavor, influencing legislators to despicably, silently implement the Trust Stamp into society?

As always, once a technology is implemented in the United States, or likely any country for that matter, we know its utilization will never be reversed.

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The radical Left has thrown their hail Mary, and we need to get our heads in the game and intercept that pass before it’s too late. Whether or not you believe Orange Man Bad, The Republicans who followed President Donald J Trump are the only hope for remaining a constitutional republic.

NEVER FORGET: They are Rights enumerated to remind us and our government of our innate and indisputable liberties that are granted to us by our Creator, not our government; NEVER to be infringed or impinged upon by elected officials nor bureaucratic narcissists, ALWAYS as protection for We The People from tyranny and despotism at even the highest level of our hierarchical structure.

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