Censor-free Social Media Exists

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Conservative voices are being disproportionately silenced by the mainstream social media platforms. Subsequent to January 6th at the Capital, Twitter and Facebook began purging themselves of Conservative accounts, many people are still regularly losing followers by the hundreds! If you are looking to add an alternative social media that you won’t be censored on, or to switch altogether, there are many for you to try out, and I put my profile for you to connect (send me a friend request!).

On Dec. 2, Twitter quietly made changes to their Terms of Service on Medical Misinformation disallowing users to tweet things from statements regarding the efficacy and effectiveness of the investigational mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” to merely providing links to websites that have ever made a statement, in all of their articles, that Twitter would consider possibly misleading.

I also suggest you keep your Facebook so you can keep spreading the truth to folks who are misinformed! We mustn’t give up just because the tech tyrants are making an effort to silence our voices!!! Every voice matters, you never know if you were the beginning of someone’s snowball effect of being redpilled.

However, I fully understand that it is preferable to be on a platform with like-minded people, to exchange information with, in a place where you don’t have to walk on eggshells. I have been sampling various alternative social media throughout the past year, and aside from on Fascistbook (which I always appeal), I haven’t been censored one time!

There are quite a number of alternatives to Facebook and Twitter that I have found to be conservative-friendly and user-friendly. Some of them take a slight adjustment period because of their unique technical styles, but it is refreshing to be heard and some are worth getting used to! You just have to find what works for you.

Most of the platforms have relatively brief terms of service and privacy policies that are much more clearly articulated and they’re mostly to explain how they only censor things like pornographic material or illegal activity. However, they do all have different rules, and you should always be conscious of what you’ve agreed to, but the average Joe shouldn’t encounter any problems because generally moderates and conservatives naturally abide by the norms of morality.

Check if your Twitter is Shadowbanned

You can use the site below to see if your Twitter has restrictions or is shadowbanned. Mine is not completely shadowbanned, but it apparently cannot be searched for.


Alternative Social Media Platforms


Locals has quickly become one of my favorite social media platforms. Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report is the founder of Locals, and recently they joined forces with YouTube alternative, Rumble. There is an app for it, and many public figures on the Right are on this platform.

I especially like the way it is set up like a neighborhood, and you own everything on your Locals Community Page. There are lots of influencers who let you access most of their posts without subscribing, but you can directly support them by having exclusive access to their community. You are not obligated to do a repeat subscription after the month if you don’t want to.

You, also being a community owner, can set a price for subscribers to sign up, and if you’re interesting, you never know who will subscribe to your community! You can start live chats, live stream, share videos, photos, and make posts much like Facebook. If you are subscribed to a community you can post on their page. The best part is the complete lack of trolls. Trolls don’t care too much for paywalls.

One kind of neat aspect of locals is that people like Dave Rubin regularly encounter my posts, and they like them!


Wimkin is set up very much like Facebook. This is probably my favorite alternative social media to Facebook. They have been gaining tons of new members lately, and they have an easy to use app. Their app has been having a few technical issues with the influx of members, but they are very good at keeping people updated on that matter. There are also no targeted ads or third party information selling, and you can upgrade to have no ads, but honestly there are like 2 tiny ads on a page, it is not really noticeable.

You’re also able to create/join groups and create/follow “pages” on Wimkim. For example, I made a page specifically to post my new articles for my followers.


MeWe is kind of like Facebook, but simpler. They also have an app you can download. Their groups have the ability to post to the group page, and also continuous chats for the members of the group which is a feature I’ve come to love. There are people across all political walks of life, but I’ve never had any problems with anyone on the platform. There is plenty of interaction with other users if you are active on there:

Not the Bee

Not the Bee was founded by the guys who run the Babylon Bee, the hilarious satirical “news site” and Not the Bee has real news stories and a social media platform! The best part is that everyone in there is so nice because the Dillon brothers are Christians and set rules that go with their moral values. This is another subscription service, but you have access to premium Babylon Bee features if you become a member.



Codias is interesting, and you can post links “as news” if it has not been posted before. I get followers after I post, but not many people react or share anything. The notifications rarely disappear after looking at them. There is no app for this one as of now, and honestly, I very rarely use it.


Clouthub is more like forums from what I’ve seen so far. There are groups you can join to post to different forums. The app has improved tremendously over the past year and functions phenomenally well compared to how it was when I signed up. https://app.clouthub.com/bionicbacon


Minds is not my favorite, and I hardly see any notifications. The few comments I have gotten were mostly neo-Nazi hateful BS. Honestly, I just have it to post my articles to. You earn money (bitcoin) for interactions people have with your posts, but it is nothing if you don’t have a huge sphere of influence. They have an app, and it runs great, it’s just not really my thing: https://www.minds.com/bionicbacon/


Gab is set up more like a forum as well. There are groups for everything and anything. It does not have an app and is seemingly more well rounded when it comes to members on the political spectrum:

You Don’t Have to Settle!

If you are one of the countless conservatives that have been censored on Facebook and Twitter, even shadowbanned like my Facebook, or becoming unsearchable like my Twitter account, you have options! You do not have to settle with the fascistic tech oligarchy!

Try out a new social media platform, I highly encourage you to start with Wimkin and Parler, and let me know in the comments how it works (or has already been working) out for you! Also, if you have any other networks you prefer to these, let me know so I can look into them!

Keep being digital warriors!! Never give up! God bless America!!

Call to Action:

  • Watch/read news from BOTH SIDES.
  • PROTECT your family and fellow Patriots
  • REFUTE misinformation
  • DO NOT fall into the Third Party trap. Remember Ross Perot is how Clinton got elected.

This is a civil war between Communism and America. There is no more Democrat vs Republican right now. America needs to be united in the party of Patriots who believe in our constitution and the inherent right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The radical Left has thrown their hail Mary, and we need to get our heads in the game and intercept that pass before it’s too late. Whether or not you believe Orange Man Bad, The Republicans who followed President Donald J Trump are the only hope for remaining a constitutional republic.

NEVER FORGET: They are Rights enumerated to remind us and our government of our innate and indisputable liberties that are granted to us by our Creator, not our government; NEVER to be infringed or impinged upon by elected officials nor bureaucratic narcissists, ALWAYS as protection for We The People from tyranny and despotism at even the highest level of our hierarchical structure.

This page is a conservative-leaning blog that takes the facts from current events and gives objective information as well as my opinion on those facts. I am not an expert in any field, nor do I claim to give expert advice, but I will try to get you all of the evidence-based information I can find.

Published by Fiery, but Mostly Peaceful Sara

I am a patriotic mother who has a passion for researching and a knack for writing. Usually judged by my California roots and hippie lifestyle; people automatically assume I am a Liberal, but that couldn’t be further from reality. I’m a pragmatic Constitutional Conservative, and find my information from both sides of the aisle in order to get to the facts.

4 thoughts on “Censor-free Social Media Exists

  1. Fascistic?
    They are using Marxist tactics, not fascist tactics. Stop misusing the word. Stop sticking fascism next to everything you don’t like.
    GAB’s Largest Fascism Group
    Learn about Fascism.
    Meet Fascists.
    Exchange philosophy.
    On Sharfly:
    No, I am not a “Nazi”, I’m not even a Hitler fan. I am a fascist. All four of my grandparents fought AntiFa and Marxist partisans in the streets of Naples. Then Mussolini kicked the commies out of Italy. That is what fascism is. Thank you for your time.

    1. Thanks for your input! Fascism – a “system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.” I do not believe I misused the term. It is possible for there to be tactics of fascists and Marxists that overlap.

      I do not stick fascism on all detestable subjects, and I did not find your feelings about Hitler to be relevant to my proper use of the word. Thank you for commenting.

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