mRNA Vaccine Inventor Warns Parents Against Vaccinating Children

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Dr. Robert Malone warning parents against injecting their children with the COVID-19 mRNA jabs.

The most alarming point about this is that once these damages have occurred, they are irreparable

Dr. Robert Malone

As of June 17th of this year, the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] and Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] unanimously authorized the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 shots for children and infants under five years old down to six months old, on the back of the irrational claim that they need it though the evidentiary support for that decision is lacking to say the least.

In the 6 through 23 months age group, 30.3% of participants reported adverse events in the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine group, and 27.3% of participants reported adverse events in the placebo group. Similarly, 18.8% and 18.9% of participants who received the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine or placebo respectively reported adverse events in the 2 through 4-year age group.


Under the guise of being “safe and effective,” yet with little evidence to support the claim, Western states such as Washington, California, Nevada, and Oregon have begun rolling out the injections for our most precious of people—our children.

The vaccine that is authorized for use in children 6 months through 4 years of age includes the same mRNA and lipids but different inactive ingredients compared to the vaccine that has been studied in clinical trials.

Pfizer EUA

Please, before you let them stick your child with these novel injections, which are proven to cause vast amounts of irreversible and potentially permanently damaging—find out why over 15,000 physicians and medical scientists around the world signed a declaration publicly declaring that healthy children should NOT be “vaccinated” for Covid-19.

December 11th, 2021, on behalf of these MDs and PhDs, Dr. Robert Malone, an esteemed doctor who has devoted his lengthy career to mRNA vaccine development, provided parents with a succinct statement outlining the documented scientific facts behind this decision he is urging parents to make on behalf of their children.

[It’s] okay for politicians and people in authority positions to lie to the general public because they have special knowledge and ability to understand things … and the general public can’t cope with that level of information. And so it’s okay to lie to them.

Dr. Robert Malone on Acient Greek Philosophy

Who Is Dr. Robert Malone?

Dr. Robert Malone discovered in-vitro and in-vivo RNA transfection, and invented the mRNA platform technology while he was at the renknown Salk Institute in 1988. He is thus, widely considered one of the key architects of the mRNA technology, the novel, experimental type of some COVID-19 vaccines, like Pfizer-Biotech and Moderna.

Dr. Malone has been incredibly outspoken in his opinions against the widespread recent misdirection given to the people by our government officials in the COVID-19 pandemic. He is now sending out a stark warning to parents against jabbing their children with this dangerous experimental “vaccine.”

Although there is some controversy over the degree of his role in the technology, Malone acknowledges that he didn’t create the vaccine itself but rather played a key role in designing the tech on which it was based.

If you consider the scientific fact that vaccinated people have less symptoms than the unvaccinated, but can still easily spread disease, consider your fellow vaccinated worker, whose unvaccinated son brought the disease home and gave it to him … He might not have any symptoms … but he’ll definitely be producing the virus. And he’s going to say, hey, I can go to work today. But he’s going to be spreading the virus like crazy.

Dr. Robert Malone

Dr. Malone advocates a four-pronged approach:

  1. Use the vaccine for those at highest risk, such as the elderly;
  2. Provide early treatment to help keep people out of the hospital;
  3. Provide tools for individuals to assess their own risk; and
  4. Provide tools for individuals to test whether they have Covid.

Considering he is the leading expert in mRNA vaccines, it may come as a surprise to those of you who are unaware of the mass censorship coinciding with the government’s narrative, but Dr. Malone has faced censorship to such an extreme that there was even an attempt to have him banned from merely reading the New England Journal of Medicine.

For your information, I have now been banned from reading the New England Journal of Medicine. They have blocked my IP address. I wonder how many others have been blocked?

Dr. Robert Malone (Oct. 07th, 2021)

Video of Dr. Malone Warning Parents Against Vaccinating Children

Dr. Robert Malone warning parents against vaccinating their children

Full Text of Malone Statement

My name is Robert Malone, and I am speaking to you as a parent, grandparent, physician and scientist. I don’t usually read from a prepared speech, but this is so important that I wanted to make sure that I get every single word and scientific fact correct.

I stand by this statement with a career dedicated to vaccine research and development. I’m vaccinated for COVID and I’m generally pro-vaccination. I have devoted my entire career to developing safe and effective ways to prevent and treat infectious diseases.

After this, I will be posting the text of this statement so you can share it with your friends and family.

Before you inject your childa decision that is irreversible – I wanted to let you know the scientific facts about this genetic vaccine, which is based on the mRNA vaccine technology I created:

There Are Three Issues Parents Need to Understand:

The first is that a viral gene will be injected into your children’s cells. This gene forces your child’s body to make toxic spike proteins. These proteins often cause permanent damage in children’s critical organs, including

  • Their brain and nervous system
  • Their heart and blood vessels, including blood clots
  • Their reproductive system, and
  • This vaccine can trigger fundamental changes to their immune system

The Most Alarming Point About This is That Once These Damages Have Occurred, They Are Irreparable

  • You can’t fix the lesions within their brain
  • You can’t repair heart tissue scarring
  • You can’t repair a genetically reset immune system, and
  • This vaccine can cause reproductive damage that could affect future generations of your family

Their immunity, after getting COVID, is critical to save your family if not the world from this disease

Dr. Robert Malone

The Second Thing You Need to Know About is the Fact That This Novel Technology has Not Been Adequately Tested.

  • We need at least 5 years of testing/research before we can really understand the risks
  • Harms and risks from new medicines often become revealed many years later

Ask yourself if you want your own child to be part of the most radical medical experiment in human history

One final point: the reason they’re giving you to vaccinate your child is a lie.

  • Your children represent no danger to their parents or grandparents
  • It’s actually the opposite. Their immunity, after getting COVID, is critical to save your family if not the world from this disease

In summary: there is no benefit for your children or your family to be vaccinating your children against the small risks of the virus, given the known health risks of the vaccine that as a parent, you and your children may have to live with for the rest of their lives.

The risk/benefit analysis isn’t even close.

As a parent and grandparent, my recommendation to you is to resist and fight to protect your children.

Dr. Robert Malone

Stop Needlessly Injecting Your Children

Call to Action:

  • Watch/read news from BOTH SIDES.
  • PROTECT your family and fellow Patriots
  • REFUTE misinformation
  • DO NOT fall into the Third Party trap. Remember Ross Perot is how Clinton got elected.

This is a civil war between Communism and America. There is no more Democrat vs Republican right now. America needs to be united in the party of Patriots who believe in our constitution and the inherent right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The radical Left has thrown their hail Mary, and we need to get our heads in the game and intercept that pass before it’s too late. Whether or not you believe Orange Man Bad, The Republicans who followed President Donald J Trump are the only hope for remaining a constitutional republic.

NEVER FORGET: They are Rights enumerated to remind us and our government of our innate and indisputable liberties that are granted to us by our Creator, not our government; NEVER to be infringed or impinged upon by elected officials nor bureaucratic narcissists, ALWAYS as protection for We The People from tyranny and despotism at even the highest level of our hierarchical structure.

This page is a conservative-leaning blog that takes the facts from current events and gives objective information as well as my opinion on those facts. I am not an expert in any field, nor do I claim to give expert advice, but I will try to get you all of the evidence-based information I can find.

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