Below The Line: Guest Appearance


I made a guest appearance on the ever-growing podcast–Below The Line–Tuesday December 29th, 2020. Below The Line is hosted by Jon Robberson (@RobbersonJon) and Bill Chapman (@GPatriot151). We’ll be talking about the COVID-19 vaccine, Bill Gates, Commiefornia and more!

I am super excited to be on their show, and honored to be asked to come on! I’ll post the link to Twitter for the show tonight, and it will be pinned to the top of my Twitter.

Below The Line

It’s going to be on Bill’s Periscope! So follow @GPatriot151 on Periscope to watch on his channel! He had to make a new one because of BigTech censorship.

It should be a great show, they’re real Patriots and truly brilliant guys! Don’t miss it!! 🛡🇺🇸🛡

Here’s the show, in case you missed it!

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