Stimulus Bill Breakdown Part 1

Tennessee House Representative Mark Green, in the picture below, is showing the 5,593-page stimulus bill that he has to vote on at 8pm tonight. This is what the Democrats do. There are 5,593 pages, half of which is gobbledygook filler nonsense, so they can hide what they’re allocating taxpayer money to.

The problem is, if they vote no, the Leftists outrage mob will go off the handle and blame them for not getting the insulting, measly $600 to them when the Dems FINALLY agreed to work with the GOP on the stimulus.

If they vote yes, the American Patriots will blame you for giving BILLIONS of our taxpayer money to nearly every nation on the planet, and only $600 for each American making under $75,000.

I took it upon myself to go through this mess of a Bill for you and bring the big-spending forward into the light. Here’s the breakdown of the larger, non-COVID related, not-for-Americans funds proposed to be dispersed through the first 1,595 pages of what is supposed to be a COVID Stimulus Bill. I will be getting through more of it tomorrow.

Vaccine Injury Compensation

I’m going to start off with what bothered me the most. Shockingly, there is only $11 MILLION going towards Vaccine Injury Compensation. This is troubling to me because Pfizer and Moderna have their brand new, never been able to be FDA approved, type of [mRNA] vaccine that they want to inoculate the entire nation with.

Nine lines in 5,593 pages of the Bill we’re dedicated to Vaccine Injury Compensation.

They have no inkling of what the long term effects of these vaccines are because they have never made a successful one until now. Decades of work on this were unsuccessful, and suddenly they create one in months and we’re just supposed to assume it is as safe as they say it is?

Not only that but the drugmakers will be shielded from COVID vaccine liability, and funds for injury claims are not likely going to be available. If there is a fund made for it, it would be funded by taxpayer money, not the manufacturers. That is what this measly $11M is for.


$900 MILLION went to-date AIDS Drug Assistance Programs for “ending the nationwide HIV/AIDS epidemic.” Interestingly, the latest info on shows that in 2018, merely 15,820 people died with an HIV diagnosis, NOT necessarily FROM AIDS. They specifically state, “deaths may be due to ANY cause.”

By definition, to be considered an epidemic a contagious disease must “spread rapidly and widely,” which means it is NO LONGER an epidemic. So, why has Dr. Fauci insisted, even up to last year, that there is a dire need for a vaccine for the HIV/AIDS “epidemic.”

With that knowledge, why on earth does it need nearly $1 BILLION?

Well, that $900M is separate from the extra $5.9 BILLION more towards combatting foreign HIV/AIDS in another part of the bill.

The aforementioned nearly $7 BILLION is also separate from another $1.3 BILLION towards HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

Congressional Salaries

$223 MILLION for US Senate salaries [not including their expense allowance or committee salaries]

$1.5 BILLION for US House of Representatives salaries [not including committee salaries and extra allowances]

That’s $1.75 BILLION to Congress for the Senators and House Representatives salaries alone, not counting their expense allowances, getting paid extra to be on committees, or paying interns and other staff.

Museums and Arts

The John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is receiving $46.5 million, even more than the Democrats put in for it last time.

Approximately $1 BILLION goes to the Smithsonian Institution and facilities it owns or occupied by them. I don’t even think they are currently open to the public.

There is also $251 MILLION going to Howard University.

Foreign Aide

Then you have all sorts of countries that are receiving tens of millions to over a billion dollars in assistance. Money that could and should be going to We The People:

▪$506M to Central America
▪$460M to Colombia
▪$33M to Venezuela
▪$132M to Georgia
▪$453M to Ukraine
▪$200M to Bangladesh
▪$130M to Nepal
▪$25M to Pakistan
▪$85.5M to Cambodia
▪$81M to Laos
▪$135M to Burma
▪$60M to Sudan
▪$60M to Malawi
▪$325M to the Democratic Republic of Congo
▪$240M to Tunisia
▪$46M to Syria
▪$1.6B to Jordan
▪$1.5B to Egypt
▪$290M to Europe/Eurasia [Combat Russian Influence]
▪$300M to globally “Counter Chinese Influence”
▪$1.4B to “Indo-Pacific Strategy”
▪$3.5B to “Foreign Assistance”

That’s $10.5 BILLION going towards assisting foreign nations, and I’m only a quarter of the way through the Bill. It baffles me that we have so little money going to We The People when there is so much going to other countries and unnecessary costs.

This is the game they play. More to come tomorrow…

Published by Fiery, but Mostly Peaceful Sara

I am a patriotic mother who has a passion for researching and a knack for writing. Usually judged by my California roots and hippie lifestyle; people automatically assume I am a Liberal, but that couldn’t be further from reality. I’m a pragmatic Constitutional Conservative, and find my information from both sides of the aisle in order to get to the facts.

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  3. What in the world are they thinking? All of American Citizens should be taken care of First. Giving away those amounts of money should not be given, Help us first. We pay the taxes to support all these other countries but our own suffering unrelenting hardships. Congress should live on $600.00 a month too and balance their needs with that amount.

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