Veteran Bar Owner Takes Own Life After Harrassment by the Radical Left

Jake Gardner, a USMC Iraq war veteran 38-year-old bar owner from Omaha, Nebraska, has allegedly taken his own life after facing a slue of outrageous charges from an incident of self defense during a BLM riot, that cost a rioter his life. Gardner and his elderly father were attacked by the rioters and after firing warning shots, while on his knees was attacked from behind by BLM activist James Scurlock, and fatally shot Scurlock in self-defense. Because it clearly was, and it was caught on video. No one can attack somebody who has given ample warning and expect to be able to continue to attack them and come out unscathed.

Douglas County District Attorney Don Kleine had originally released Jake Gardner claiming he acted in self-defense. A top prosecutor in Nebraska demanded it be looked at again; “Gardner was then indicted by the grand jury on counts of manslaughter, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, attempted first-degree assault, and terrorist threats. If convicted, Gardner would have faced up to 95 years in prison,” says the Post Millenial.

Far Left Democrat Senator Megan Hunt rejoiced in this man she calls a “white supremacist’s” suicide, congratulating the mob on Twitter for pushing Jake Gardner and emboldened them to do the same to others.

He was doxxed, defamed, and repeatedly called a white supremacist by the media until the absurd charges were pressed. Far Lefists had made it a point to ruin this man’s life for years before the tragic incident simply for being a Trump supporter, then even more for protecting himself and his family. His GoFundMe was removed twice, which gave him little hope in being able to fight the legal battle. Technically speaking he would have gotten off on self defense, but I believe they truly drove this man to take his life.

Gardner’s GoFundMe was taken down after only $100 raised

This is not the only person who was arrested for defending or simply “threatening” to defend themselves from the mob. There was a man recently who had his house raided by police and was arrested after brandishing his shotgun in his window after a mob was on his property yelling, inciting violence, and shining bright lights in his windows.

The McCloskey’s who brandished weapons, when the mob was chanting death threats after breaking into their private street and onto their private property, and they were the ones arrested, even though it was also caught on tape. It almost seems like it is a crime to defend your family from people known for burning down occupied homes and buildings.

You can donate to Jake’s *SpotFund memorial fund here to help raise funeral costs at what was originally a final attempt at raising attorneys fees.

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