The Cult of the Black Lives Matter Movement

The Marxist Democrats enable the Black Lives Matter movement to destroy everything that resembles America and its history. The BLM movement can be described by every single WARNING SIGN that it is a CULT, and I’m going to break down why.

The Prerequisites of a Cult:

  1. The leader is the ultimate authority.
  2. The group suppresses skepticism
  3. The group is paranoid about the outside world
  4. The group relies on shame cycles
  5. The leader is above the law
  6. The group uses “thought reform” methods
  7. The group is elitist
  8. There is no financial transparency

The Breakdown of the BLM Cult:

1. The leader is the ultimate authority:
BLM is the ultimate authority. They are infallible and if you criticize them at all they ostracize you. Doesnt matter what evidence you bring to the table about their wrongdoings, they will not believe you if you go against what their leader is telling them. Their followers blindly follow the leaders of the BLM movement, and believe the leaders ideology is the ultimate truth.

2. The group suppresses skepticism:
They are only allowed to think what the BLM movement says they can think. Especially black people, getting called things like “Uncle Tom” or “race traitor” for questioning their mission statement. The group delegitimizes former members:
Anyone who decided they aren’t in favor of the BLM movement is deemed a racist. If one questions the BLM movement, they’re told they don’t think black lives matter. Ultimately, turning the other followers against the skeptics.

3. The group is paranoid about the outside world:
This one is rather obvious and in your face. To them outside world to them is evil and racist. The idea that the police are out hunting down black people in their streets, and that black people can’t leave their homes without the fear of being gunned down by the police despite statistical evidence proving otherwise, is a show of the extreme paranoia. The country in some of their minds is as bad as the days of Martin Luther King Jr. Their want to save people from being racist, and their leaders want to change the country into a Marxist “utopia” (dystopia in reality); that would be the downfall of our nation (i.e. autonomous zones). This has broken bonds with friends and families because they’re convinced if you’re not with BLM you’re against BLM, and if you’re against BLM, you are the enemy.

4. The group relies on shame cycles:
This is where the race shaming comes in. People white shaming their “white privilege“, and making them actually believe they have “white privilege” at all! Without supporting the BLM movement to them they are just another racist white person, so they need the BLM movement to atone for their “privilege“. With the BLM movement they still are told they are inherently racist and must atone, but forgiveness is not ever mentioned when they speak of this. On top of that, if you aren’t actively racist, you must be actively anti-racist, yet still can be unconsciously racist through things like “being successful” or “denial of white privilege.”

5. The leader is above the law:
This is something that blows my mind. That the leaders, self proclaimed trained Marxists, literally incite violence, and they are praised for it!!! They say they’ll keep burning down America until their demands are met, and are touted as noble leaders. There are some leaders, local governments and up, on both sides of the aisle negotiating with terrorists who threaten to destroy our country via demands or violence.

6. The group uses “thought reform” methods:
The bowing, kneeling, praising, chanting, and more. When a group of white people are doing a repeat-after-me style chant about shaming their “white guilt” and “treating my black neighbor the same as my white neighbor” as though they didn’t before, they are being brainwashed. The social justice education programs are reeducation camps of the 21st century.

7. The group is elitist:
Black Power enlightenment. The BLM movement is an “organization radically transforming individual lives and the country.” Theres no way around that truth. Marxism is their goal, after they got hundreds of thousands of people marching with them across the country, then desecrating our history, they were not shy about their Marxist agenda. They feel entitled to other people’s property, and feel as though burning down cities, terrorizing residents, and harming and murdering police and Trump supporters is retribution for the extreme racism they feel is threatening them.

8. There is no financial transparency:
Do their followers know where the BLM movement’s hundreds of millions of dollars that they have received in donations goes? Probably not. If they donate money to the BLM movement, they will click, pay, and feel as though they made a difference doing their part in putting a halt to systemic racism. The money is not even thought about after it is sent, except when bragging about their contribution, but the BLM movement doesn’t show what they put their tens of millions of dollars into, aside from bailing out rioters, arsonists, and rapists (along with the money that Kamala Harris actively fund raised for rioter’s bail money). If you check the BLM webpage and follow the money trail it goes through the ActBlue organization which in turn give a percentage of the money to the DNC, DNSC, DNCC, and Democratic Socialist candidates, among other things.

Still want to tell me it’s not a cult? Pretty sure it’s a cult. Walks like a cult and talks like a cult; it’s a cult.

The BLM movement is a Marxist political party collecting minority groups, from LGBTQ toLatinos, to be brainwashed along with the rest. This is not necessarily because they believe in raising the LGBTQ up, but to bring IN their votes. Notice the cycles, every 4 years the BLM movement makes a move on destroying the country. Every cycle more destructive than the last.

Unfortunately, they constantly alter what is on their site, as a result of negative feedback they receive. It is difficult at times to find information I have screenshots from their site on, using an archive site like the Wayback Machine where you can go back and look at different versions of their site that users have captured onto the Wayback Machine.

This time it’s their hail mary. They’re destroying our history and ripping apart the fabric of America. Dont let them win. Stay strong. Stand your ground. Defend your family. Have faith in God because it will give you hope, and we need some of that right now.

America is burning, and we need to save it. It is not too late, but it will be soon. Hostile Marxist takeovers may have succeeded in other countries, but this is America! The silent majority must make themselves be known! This is not the time to be shy, this is not the time to hide, this is the time to be a patriot. This is the time to protect America!!!

God bless America!! We shall not be infringed! We will not cower before the mob! We will not kneel to the people threatening our lives with violence! We will show these commie pinkos that you cannot take out country. We are Americans! Time to start acting like it!! We need to help each other, protect one another, and keep your head held high. I will fight to my last breath to make sure my kids dont grow up under tyranny in bread lines. Stand tall, America. You are not alone. We got this. has all their demands, mission statements, and sister/parent organizations.

Published by Fiery, but Mostly Peaceful Sara

I am a patriotic mother who has a passion for researching and a knack for writing. Usually judged by my California roots and hippie lifestyle; people automatically assume I am a Liberal, but that couldn’t be further from reality. I’m a pragmatic Constitutional Conservative, and find my information from both sides of the aisle in order to get to the facts.

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