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The Squad, the foursome in Congress, who call themselves a flowery term for communists– Democratic Socialist, that consists of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-D), Ilhan Omar (MN-D), Rashida Tlaib (CA-D) and Ayanna Pressley (MA-D). We The People must vote these communists out of office, but not just voting blindly for the opposition, as you never know and it possibly could be worse. Fortunately, there are some superb candidates running against them in this upcoming election. Here is a breakdown of the patriots running against The Squad, so you can formulate an educated decision and be part of saving our country from the radical Leftist communists.

John Cummings for NY-14

John Cummings

John Cummings is running against openly socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) for Congress in NY-14. He can see the problems America is facing if it continues to elect socialists as our representatives in Congress. Cummings is an ex-NYPD officer (retired from an injury received on the job) who continued on to earn a degree, so he could do more good in our communities, and has taught High School History and US Government for 22 years at his alma mater. He is a Bronx man through and through.

“We, as a Nation, need to rediscover one of the founding principles that has served us so well for so long; a free society with free markets, that historically have created more opportunities for success and more pathways out of poverty than any other system in history.”

John Cummings

He believes the Civil Rights problem of today is based in the lack of education available to people in impoverished areas, which are disproportionately black, who can’t afford to live in areas with good schools. As an educator, he can see the ways the public education system is failing our kids, and believes in local control for public education and School Choice. Also, that families could be saving a lot of money on healthcare if the State and Federal governments got their hands out of health insurance, driving the prices down.

Naturally, being former NYPD, he is a staunch supporter of prioritizing our safety while supporting law enforcement. He said, “The radical anti-police policies of socialists like Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have us heading back to the 1980’s and 90’s and the Defund the Police movement has done nothing but speeded up the process.” He is not wrong, as New York City is practically unrecognizable compared to the wonderful NYC that I know; the glorious city Mayor Giuliani worked so hard at getting cleaned up.

He wants to save New York, and has more expert knowledge about the US government than AOC could dream of having. He seems like a per. He was born and raised in the Bronx, and has a vision of making better (found in the site below). If I was in his district and in New York lol he would have my vote.

More info on his website:

Lacy Johnson for MN-5

Dalia Al-Aqidi

Lacy Johnson is running against vocally socialist Ilhan Omar (MN-5) for Congress. Johnson has lived in Minneapolis for over 40 years; it is where he raised his children, and where his grandson is being raised as well, so he has a vested interest in the success of his district. He is a tech investor, entrepreneur businessman which gives him an advantage when it comes to reviving careers and rebuilding the economy.

Johnson vehemently opposes defunding the police, let alone abolishing the police like the city has voted to do, and he has personally seen the impact the rioting and increase in violent crimes has had on Minneapolis. Being from Minneapolis, he knew he had to do something to make changes. Quite the opposite, is his opponent Omar, who has been on video at a BLM protest (earlier in the day than of a riot) shouting, “we dont just need to defund the police! We need to complete DISMANTLE the Minneapolis police department!”

He has a clear understanding in the misconception that minimum wage needs to be raised, but instead wants to bring the opportunities and guidance for youth to have careers that expand the middle class leaving less people in poverty. Currently for those in poverty, Omar’s district was rated the worst in the nation for education with a graduation rate that falls below 65%. Because of this, Johnson is a supporter of School Choice , and will fight to hold public schools accountable to raise education standards.

Johnson supports transparent health care plans with less government involvement, placing more control of one’s health in the hands of the patients. He wants people to have the same cost for health insurance as the rates the corporations get for their employees to bring the costs down. He wants to see Medicaid reform, but an expansion of Medicare for the vulnerable, and hopes to see the cost of prescription drugs to drop dramatically.

With violence and crime rising so much in Minneapolis, he knows that now more than ever, we need to retain our second amendment Rights to bear arms, and that gun-laws only hurts the law abiding citizens. Johnson knows we should have the right to protect our families, homes and communities. He does want to see Criminal Justice Reforms, working bipartisanly, that will help keep dual-parent households which in turn betters their children. He supports the First and Second Step Act, and wants to reverse the damage done by Joe Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill.

More information on his website:

Rayla Campbell for MA-7

Rayla Campbell

Running against Ayanna Pressley (MA-7) as a write-in candidate, is Rayla Campbell of Boston, Mass. She is currently in the middle of a lawsuit with the State of Massachusetts because though she did not get many votes in the primaries, they had changed the number of votes one needs in order to make it on the ballot. She achieved this, but they used the old rules on her, and kept her off the ballot.

Campbell, a native Bostonian, who has been on the receiving end of hateful rhetoric about her interracial marriage by BLM protestors, is a woman who is not deceived by the name of the organization Black Lives Matter being indicative of what the movement actually stands for. She stood her ground though, and stood up for what’s right.

Campbell believes we need healthcare reform, with a transparent, patient-focused system, with more control and lower prices for the patient; also that you shouldnt have to have healthcare if you dont want it. With her experience in the healthcare industry, I think she has a better understanding of how to do that than some people, especially her rival, Omar.

Campbell also believes they are in need of school reform, and that for the amount of money public education puts out, results should be a reflection of it, and they’re not. She thinks the federal and state governments should not have primary control over children’s education, and that one size fits all learning is not the right approach, and wants to give more control over education to the local governments. As a parent, she finds Common Core to be inferior to the traditional method of teaching, and thinks teachers and schools should be able to have control over the best way to successfully teach their students.

Rayla Campbell is a strong supporter of the US Constitution, and vows to stand up to any member of Congress who wishes to impede on those inherent, God given Rights listed in our nations Bill of Rights.

As a black mother she sees the mass abortion issue, especially among the black community, and how it have become a multi-million dollar corporation that doesnt care about planning for parenthood, but making money off of abortions (and I’ll add selling fetal parts which I have written about with evidence sourced in another post). She recognizes that these corporations falsely claim to be “fighting for” the minority communities while using their multi-million dollar donations to control politicians into Bills that benefit the abortion clinics. She says instead of abortion corporations, “in fact, they are profiting by eliminating our voices from our communities, silencing the future voices of our schools, universities, and businesses by snuffing them out before they have the ability to speak.”

Campbell sees the decrepit state our Veteran Affairs was, and acknowledges the strides it has taken under the Trump administration, but sees that it still has a long way to go to be properly taking care of the men and women who served our country.

More info on her site:

Buzz Patterson for CA-7

Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson

Finally, the last shot at getting the Socialist Squad out of Congress; running against Rashida Tlaib in CA-7 is decorated combat Air Force Pilot Lt. Col (Ret.) Buzz Patterson.

Patterson is a firm believer in the second amendment and the inherrant Rights it describes. He believes freedom of speech should be a part of online user activity; the censorship is out of control! Something I have never seen in a campaign, that he wants for the people, is a Ten Page Limit on Bills instead of those 2,000+ page Bills the radical Leftists utilize as a method who hide unrelated radical Leftist legislation.

Patterson wants the American family structure be a bigger priority because a strong family structure statistically create individuals that are more likely to succeed, and less likely to be criminals. BLM. whom his opponent stands behind, does not want to mainta those things as they are against the nuclear family. is He believes in School Choice, wants to improve the health of Americans starting in schools with healthier foods and better physical education programs, that public education should not be teaching anti-American ideologies.

One thing I applaud him bringing to the foreground is a common misconception that one can only worth at being a politician in degrees and successes prestigious universities. The reality is though college is awesome and many students do need to go to university for their potential careers; however, college is not for everyone, and many students would benefit from going into trade schools for essential careers (some extremely high paying after their apprenticeship that most schools help you find). This includes jobs like electricians, mechanics, plumbers, and other trades. There is no one size fits all to education, and not everyone is meant to be a lawyer or aerospace engineer.

He aims at accomplishing health care reform to make private insurance cheaper for everyone and for patients to take control over our health. Patterson also mentions something I have brought up many times, but don’t think it will ever actually pass, but he supports the idea of term limits for Congress of no more than 6 2-year terms, or 12 years total.

You can find more info on his site:

The only way to get these communists out of office is by voting, but not just voting blindly for the opposition, as you never know and it possibly could be worse. That doesn’t seem to be the case. I hope this helps someone make an educated decision in helping save our country from the radical Left.

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