Comorbidities Inflate COVID-19 Death Count

Deaths listed with COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death can be any of these highlighted reasons, and will be a COVID-19 death. I have said it once, twice, or ten times, and I’ll say it again: these numbers they feed you are inflated! Not all of these people died FROM COVID-19 or WITH COVID-19 (suspected/probable)!!

Of the 161,000 COVID-19 related deaths, 46,000 deaths alone were listed as sepsis, diabetes, and un/intentional injury or poisoning as their cause of death. Another 24,000 were listed as alzheimers or dementia. 78,000 are other causes that included HIV, Rickets, tuberculosis, surgical complications, birthing complications, and more!

It isnt just me saying it. It is deaths listed on the CDC website, described how they describe them, using their method of classifying deaths, from their guidelines.

Again, probable COVID-19 could just be a cough. It could be a sore throat and a runny nose. It could be a fever and a headache. Suspected COVID-19 can be that you died and then they learned your roommate tested positive or has probable COVID-19. All influenza and pneumonia deaths are automatically COVID-19 deaths.

It is so wrong to politicize a disease and frighten the country into following draconian orders and tyrannical policies. Are the suicides that were included in the death count because they’re COVID-19 induced suicides by way of lockdowns and isolation?



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