The Left Incited Violence and Now They Condemn It?

Radical Leftists in positions of power spent the majority of the last three months actually inciting violence and encouraging rioting. From the media to the Senate, they constantly praise rioting. Finally condemning violence after three months, the Harris-Biden campaign led by the Communists of the Democrat Party have enabled and, like the Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee, even actively raised money for the rioters.

Now they’re trying to convince people that the violence they refused to acknowledge even existed for three months is all President Trump’s fault… you don’t see this rage mob behavior in Red States because they either allow their police to put a stop to it right away, accept aid from the feds, and/or citizens are letting the rioters that it wont be tolerated in their town.

Democratic cities across America are burning, they’ve spent three months demonizing the police, their governors and mayors repeatedly refused the aid of the federal government, they chose politics over public safety, and when it all blew up in their faces they fell back on the usual: Orange Man Bad.

America sees you.

We The People want to feel safe in our communities, and most will do anything to prevent this beautiful nation from becoming another destitute Communist dictatorship. A people united can stand for the freedoms that only the a United States of America has to offer, and pursue their Right to Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness.

God Bless America.

The first few minutes of this video by Slightly Offens*ve, hosted by Elijah Schaffer, is back to back videos of radical Democrat media and politicians inciting violence against the President of the United States of America and even his supporters. It is the full video that the tweet above was taken from.

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