The Far Left Hates Law Enforcement

The video is only slanted for like 2 seconds. Lol. I’m bad at filming. Lol.

Interview with an NYPD LEO that is pretty heartbreaking, but important to hear. “The job is dead” is the phrase going around the force; why would anyone want to join law enforcement when you arrest criminals and see them on the street hours later?

For that matter, what’s the point in arresting anyone? There is no actual consequence, there is simply an inconvenience. Don’t forget that BLM has a multimillion dollar fund to pay for bail for the crimes egregious enough to require bail.

Democrat cities are still being destroyed by violent “peaceful protesters” while the mainstream media pretends like nothing is happening. Crime has skyrocketed in Democrat ran cities like New York, Seattle, Portland, and Chicago (where BLM is still terrorizing citizens).

Do the Democrats condone the violence? No. Nor will they call a riot (burning, looting, murder) a riot! They literally cannot bring themselves to do so because that would be admitting that there’s violence, if you think I’m wrong let me know. There are a few outlying party members who dont approve of what BLM is doing but want to be loyal to their party.

My heart goes out to our brave men and women of law enforcement. I couldnt imagine being in their shoes right now. Who do the cop-hating bastards call when they’re afraid? The cops. Who protects their sorry, hypocritical asses? The cops. Why do the radical Left hate the cops so much? Because Donald J Trump is the Law and Order President, and as always, Orange Man Bad.

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