Dems Suddenly Politicizing USPS

This article is from Sept 2017, from the Post Office Inspector General, addressing the 14,000 collection mailboxes removed in the five years prior to the Trump administration.

This is not news. This is not a Trump plot to screw with the election. They’re not driving around, under the cover of darkness, stealing mailboxes. This is another game the far Left is playing to push their mail-in voting agenda since it didnt pass in the House with their stimulus bill. A proven unreliable method for voting. Has New York gotten their results of their election yet? It was so long that I stopped keeping track.

Now you have all these Dems voting on H RES 1092 by proxy. One person voting for a handful of people because apparently they are to lazy to actually show up to work to do their job. That’s how much they care. Any Republicans doing it are lazy assholes too, but I’ve only seen/heard Democrats at the podium.

But I’M the conspiracy theorist… riiiiiight…

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