Do We Need Mail-In Voting?

This guy in the hearing for the Postmaster General. A Congressman, I believe, just (sarcastically) said, “the post office NEVER had any issues […] there was NEVER any mail that was late […] NEVER any financial problems […] before the past 65 days, there was no complaint about the post office. EVER.”

I cant actually tell if hes being sarcastic… I think so… I hope so… I dont recognize him so I dont know his political views…

The post office has been going out of business for YEARS. Theyve been shutting down offices for YEARS. MY local post office has been on the verge of closing since 2014. Their prices for packages are stupid high compared to UPS or FedEx. Most people dont send letters anymore, they send emails.

The fact is, people think the post office is suddenly being secretly shut down because President Trump is against mail-in voting. They happen to be the same people who call me a conspiracy theorist. Ha! Welcome to the club!

On that note, mail-in voting is absurdly unreliable. If you won the lottery, would you mail in your ticket? No. Because you want to make sure it actually gets there.

There are already absentee ballots. People can sign up to vote BY MAIL via absentee ballots instead of sending every person who has every been registered to vote in every place they’ve lived. Why is that so controversial? Because you need to be a LEGAL REGISTERED VOTER to request a mail-in absentee ballot.

The Democrats (Communists) WANT illegal votes. They WANT unreasonable waiting times while the hundreds of millions of ballots being processed and are relying on them being miscounted. They WANT people to receive ballots for dead people, nonresidents, and other ineligible people so they can snag ILLEGAL votes.

This is not a partisan sham being pushed on the American people by a corrupt dictator. This is LOGIC and REASONABLE THINKING. Just like voter registration ISNT RACIST, but thinking it is IS RACIST.


Why is it that people consider voting the normal way we always have the scandal, and not wonder why the Democrats would WANT a PROVEN UNRELIABLE system for voting??

I’ll tell you why- it’s the only way they can win.

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