FOX News Censors Newt Gingrich

FOX News censored Speaker Newt Gingrich when he spoke on George Soros’ financial influence on what is enabling the riots, leaving host Harris Faulkner in utter shock as her co-hosts shush their guest.

The Cult of the Black Lives Matter Movement

The Marxist Black Lives Matter movement adheres to every stipulation of being deemed a cult. Read more to find out why.

Two Drastically Different Bloody Tuesdays

A white 17 year old kills two white violent felons in self defense, and is charged with 1st degree murder. 19 year old black man felt like murdering a white man, gets charged with aggravated assault.

BLM are a Domestic Terrorists Organization

these are not “peaceful protests”, these are domestic terrorists working in an organized manner.

Conspiracy Theories or Fact Based Analyses?

I’m labeled as a truth seeker to some, and conspiracy theorist to others.

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