Biden’s Executive Order Hypocrisy

You may have noticed that President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr has been signing scores of Executive Orders. The old media is trying its darnedest to let the country know that “Biden didn’t say that signing lots of executive orders makes you a dictator.” Here’s the breakdown of Biden’s Executive Order hypocrisy.

CNN’s Daniel Dale insists that “Biden didn’t say that signing lots of executive orders makes you a dictator,” so whatever gave people the idea that he would have said something like that? Possibly the following video:

In this ABC interview with George Stephanopolous, Biden says that the then-current administration was needing to do thing by executive order and specifically states that they are “things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator; we’re a democracy.”

Snopes also jumped on the “not a dictator” bandwagon with their article where they dispute a direct quote saying Biden didn’t say “You can’t legislate by Executive Order unless you’re a dictator,” as you can see below.

This is the game the Left plays. They claim everyone is lying about what President Biden says by using a direct quote that he never said. They are not wrong that he didn’t say that, but they are intentionally misleading their readers by making up a quote similar to what he actually said in order to dispute it.

No, he did not say the things CNN and Snopes said he didn’t say, so they are not lying, but they are not being honest with We The People at the same time. You can clearly hear him yourself implying that those who need to use Executive Orders to make things happen are dictators. Maybe when he said that he didn’t know he would be signing upwards of 24 executive orders in the first week since his inauguration, but he still said what he said, and by his own words he is behaving like a dictator.

It is also important to note that he believes America is a Democracy. The progressive Leftists repeat that lie all the time because that is what they act like and wish that we are, but we are not. These United States of America are a Democratic Republic. As you can see on the following image taken from ThoughtCo, these are two different forms of goverment.

In our Republic of these United States of America, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, prohibits the government from limiting or taking away specified “inalienable” Rights of the people, regardless of whether the government was elected by We The People. In a pure Democracy, which is what the Left is attempting at turning our nation into, the voting majority has nearly limitless power over the minority. 

This means that no matter who the majority votes into office, those that hold office do not have the ability to ignore the God-given Rights proven to be ours by our Constitution. The radical Left would love to be able to bypass the Constitution with the power they think they hold.

Members of Congress also tend to forget that they are Representatives of the people, not leaders. We do not elect them to rule over us, but to represent the needs of We The People, and often need to be reminded of what their actual duties to our nation are.

Either way, President Biden made it clear that it was dictatorial to rule by Executive fiat, yet did not even attempt to get what he wanted done properly through Congress, instead signing from a shoulder high stack of Executive Orders on his first day on the job, more than any other President in their first week. Whether or not Snopes and CNN believe this is dictatorial is irrelevant because he is completely circumventing the intended nature of the three branches of our government.

It is also noteworthy to mention that he has made his way up to 40 Executive Orders within ten days of inauguration, including but not limited to reversing the ban on Federal funding of abortion in other countries and reversing Former President Trump’s attempt at lowering the cost of insulin and epinephrine by require discounts on insulin and EpiPens that were given to some hospitals to be passed on to patients. I will be going deeper into the damaging Executive Orders the new President has felt necessary to sign to advance his radical Leftist agenda.

It seems the new Biden administration is simply existing to undo anything the Former President succeeded at accomplishing, no matter how petty the orders are. In fact, President Biden even says he is signing all of these to “undo the damage that Trump has done,” as you can see in the video from FOX News below:

Call to Action:

  • Watch/read news from BOTH SIDES.
  • PROTECT your family and fellow Patriots
  • REFUTE misinformation
  • DO NOT fall into the Third Party trap. Remember Ross Perot is how Clinton got elected.

This is a civil war between Communism and America. There is no more Democrat vs Republican right now. America needs to be united in the party of Patriots who believe in our constitution and the inherent right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The radical Left has thrown their hail Mary, and we need to get our heads in the game and intercept that pass before it’s too late. Whether or not you believe Orange Man Bad, The Republicans who followed President Donald J Trump are the only hope for remaining a constitutional republic.

NEVER FORGET: They are Rights enumerated to remind us and our government of our innate and indisputable liberties that are granted to us by our Creator, not our government; NEVER to be infringed or impinged upon by elected officials nor bureaucratic narcissists, ALWAYS as protection for We The People from tyranny and despotism at even the highest level of our hierarchical structure.

This page is a conservative-leaning blog that takes the facts from current events and gives objective information as well as my opinion on those facts. I am not an expert in any field, nor do I claim to give expert advice, but I will try to get you all of the evidence-based information I can find.

Published by Fiery, but Mostly Peaceful Sara

I am a patriotic mother who has a passion for researching and a knack for writing. Usually judged by my California roots and hippie lifestyle; people automatically assume I am a Liberal, but that couldn’t be further from reality. I’m a pragmatic Constitutional Conservative, and find my information from both sides of the aisle in order to get to the facts.

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