Hospitals are Overrun, but NOT with COVID-19 Patients

There is a fearmongering epidemic in America that has caused millions of people to live in fear. we are told the hospitals are overflowing with COVID patients. Are they? Here’s the breakdown.

Want to know how they trick you into thinking the hospitals are overflowing with COVID patients?

As you can see on the image above, overloaded means NEAR 50% capacity. That could possibly be 40%, they don’t tell you what the value of “near” is.

They do everything to avoid telling you the percentage of patients in there FOR COVID, not just WITH COVID. (See pic below of NYC hospitalization for a reality check)

It’s as clear as day; the hospitals are overrun in New York City… but wait… The average number of patients WITH COVID is…9%??? How could that be? The Mainstream Media is telling me that COVID is ravaging the city!

Especially considering a confirmed COVID patient/death is patients/deaths with PIC (pneumonia, influenza, or COVID), not just counted by COVID alone. AND the information they give you about hospitalizations/deaths are people WITH COVID (COVID associated is how they word it these days), NOT people that are hospitalized/die FROM COVID. (See pic from CDC below). Not to mention most people died of comorbidities WITH COVID.

You can see hospital info for yourself by county if you click here.

Later This Evening

I had some people telling me I was wrong about the above statements, that hospitals are overflowing with COVID patients, and that I was merely looking at the one county that “fit my narrative” (even though I chose NYC because its hospitals are being talked about as “overrun with COVID” and it is a huge, compact city).

So, I took it upon myself to go through as many counties I could think of with major cities in the nation.

This is what I found:

The best counties tied with New York County, NY and San Francisco County, CA at merely 9% of their hospital beds being patients WITH COVID (which is PIC— pneumonia, influenza, or COVID is confirmed COVID).

The worst was Clark County, NV, home to Las Vegas, with their hospital beds being at only 35% COVID (PIC) patients.

The average number of patients, in these hospitals in the counties with the biggest cities in America, WITH COVID (PIC) for the counties with big cities is 20% of patients were COVID (PIC) patients.

Don’t forget, if you cough you can be a confirmed case. If you have two or more symptoms you can be a confirmed case.

Also, a study at Johns Hopkins University showed that there are not excess deaths this year like you would expect, but instead a drastic decrease of causes of death like heart disease, the usual number one killer in America.

These counties include Wayne County, MI (Detroit), New York County, NY (NYC), Clark County, NV (Las Vegas), Los Angeles County, CA, Fulton County, GA (Atlanta), Kern County, CA (Bakersfield), Dallas County, TX (Dallas), San Francisco County, CA (San Fran), Multnomah County, OR (Portland), Denver County, CO (Denver), Maricopa County, AZ (Phoenix), and more.

I was also told that the ICUs are overrun with COVID patients to the point of having 0% capacity available in Southern California.

This can’t be true, when the official California State COVID Dashboard says there are currently 1,260 beds available.

I used my own articles to source some things because I link SO MANY relevant, credible sources on them, and have tons of screenshots from places like the CDC, to back my claims in this.

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