“There is NO Evidence of Voter Fraud”

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This break down is a series of articles and short descriptions and excerptsss for your evidentiary references to voter improprieties, irregularities, and even fraud. For the left to say it doesn’t exist is simply not factual, and is evidence of widespread partisan propaganda.

Corrato’s signature is missing from both forms. She has insisted to her son that she didn’t vote and that no one asked her about registering.

“There wasn’t a signature. There was just an x,” said Nicholas Corrato, who has power of attorney for his mother.


Nursing home resident’s son: ‘That’s voter fraud’

Dozens of absentee ballots were cast from St. Francis nursing home in Delaware County in May’s primary. But did those seniors actually vote?

“One of our monitors discovered a 9,626 vote error in the DeKalb County hand count. One batch was labeled 10,707 for Biden and 13 for Trump – an improbable margin…” Shafer said. “The actual count for the batch was 1,081 for Biden and 13 for Trump.”

“an election integrity group, reviewed the 1.3 million mail-in ballots Nevada’s Clark County… found that more than 223,000 of the ballots were sent to outdated addresses, leading the postal service to designate them as “undeliverable.””

“A man who tried to run for mayor in Hawthorne is among two people charged in a voter fraud case in which thousands of fraudulent voter registration applications were allegedly submitted on behalf of homeless people”

More AV ballots counted than sent out or received in Wayne County, MI…
approx 42,000 voters “voted twice” in NV, 2,468 voters legally changed their addresses to another state, 1,500 voters were listed as deceased by SSA, about 20,000 voters had a non-NV mailing address and 6,000 voters had USPS “flags” on “vacant addresses.”

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of itself and three residents of Colorado against Jena Griswold, Colorado Secretary of State, and the State of Colorado for failing to clean the state’s voter rolls as required by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993

About 9,500 voters whose names and dates of birth (DOB) match death records in the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) are marked in the Michigan mail voting database as having returned ballots.

USPS has been ordered by Judge Emmet Sullivan to report on the results of 2X-daily sweeps for election mail. Postal workers found more than 1,000 ballots in Philadelphia facilities.
Letter to the Clark County, NV District Attorney alleging voter fraud by people who were not legal residents of Clark County.

PA public info shows many voters with no birthdays, born in the 1800s, and having no date that their vote was cast.
Approximately 500 mail-in ballots in Detroit were never delivered to voters, according to USPS Detroit’s city clerk, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports “potentially thousands” of ballots in Butler County, Pennsylvania, haven’t been delivered.

19 of more than 3,000 counties voted for the eventual president in every election. Only one of them, Washington state’s Clallam County, backed President-elect Joe Biden last week. Other counties that had been bellwethers all the way back to the 1950s.

approx. 40,000 randomly checked voters above the age of 80 in Pennsylvania, that were registered for voting and have also been found in one or more obituaries online. Every name on this list has voted in the 2020 presidential election. All is sourced.
17,327 randomly checked michigan voters that were registered for voting and were above the age of 80. Every name on this list has voted in the 2020 election and has also been found in one or more obituaries online.
Fairfax County’s General Registrar and Director of Elections Garry Scott, “There were some people who received a second ballot due to an error in the printing of labels,” says Scott. 1,000 of the 100,080 ballots mailed out were duplicates.

A vote tabulation timeline shows a massive spike in Biden votes occurred during the two hours where workers at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta were counting ballots off the clock.

The Georgia Star News filed an open records request on Tuesday requesting all “ballot transfer forms” from the Nov. 3 General Election in DeKalb County. The county responded by saying it did not yet know if such records existed, and due to COVID

Administrative policies put in place by Wisconsin election supervisors could impact potentially tens of thousands of ballots in a battleground state that Joe Biden won in 2020 by just 20,000.

A recount in Georgia’s presidential race found more than 2,600 ballots in Floyd County that hadn’t originally been tallied, likely helping President Donald Trump reduce his 14,000-vote deficit to Joe Biden.

The Allegheny County Board of Elections on Tuesday voted to count 2,349 ballots that appear to be eligible in every way save for the voter failing to put a date on the outer envelope.

Poll watchers with certifications not allowed in:

Detroit IT worker Melissa Carone, who was employed by Dominion Voting Systems as a contractor to keep an eye on ballot-counting machines, says she witnessed poll workers at the TCF Center repeatedly run the same batches of 50 ballots through counters

A second sworn affidavit from a whistleblower who was an election worker in Clark County, Nevada, claims mail-in ballots were improperly filled out in a Biden-Harris van outside a polling place.

During a tour of the facilities, Republican and Democratic observers were being kept equally distant from the machines, about 30 feet away, The Post observed. (Illegally far, thank you, WaPo)

Information about above Unitedsttates mail-in voting in pic: poseidon01.ssrn.com/delivery.php?I…

SWORN AFFIDAVIT, under the penalty of perjury (prison time), by Jessy Jacobs of Wayne County, MI.

On Sept. 22, the city council approved a $1 million contract for Phillips’ staffing firm P.I.E. Management, LLC to hire up to 2,000 workers to work the polls and staff the ballot counting machines.

A laptop and several memory sticks used to program Philadelphia’s voting machines were stolen from a city warehouse in East Falls, officials confirmed Wednesday, setting off a scramble to investigate and to ensure the machines had not been compromised.

Computer issue kept 15,000 Henrico votes from getting counted on Election Day. Henrico immediately reviewed its absentee thumb drives, and found 15,000 missing ballots, which turned out to be early in-person votes. Those votes put Spanberger over the top.

In Antrim County, ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing a 6,000 vote swing against our candidates,” Cox cited, “tabulating software glitched” and caused a “miscalculation of the votes.”

Votes erased from memory car, withheld from the press:
Susan, a disability service coordinator says every one of her more than 20 clients told her that they were either pressured to vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden or had a vote cast for Biden before they ever had a chance to see their ballot.

Disability Service Coordinator Blows Whistle on Vote Fraud in Group Homes | News/Talk 1130 WISN | Dan O’Donnell

A disability service coordinator in the Milwaukee area has come forward with evidence that all 20 of her clients had their votes stolen from them

There are many more incidents of voter fraud, irregularities, and improprieties. I did not include any of the statistical evidence, hundreds of witness testimonies, or anything regarding the corruption in Dominion Voting System, Smartmatic, and other electronic voting companies used in the 2020 National Election.

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