Conspiracy Theories or Fact Based Analyses?

I’m not a conspiracy theorist because I believe things you think could never be true. I am not wrong because you dont think I’m right. I’m not necessarily right, obviously I think I am, but my laughed at conspiracies have proven themselves time and time again. Yet I’m still mocked. If it makes you feel better, please continue to laugh at and make fun of me, it isn’t hurting me at all that you refuse to even accept that there MAY be facts that contradict your beliefs.

I have always thought outside the box and researched everything I possibly could relentlessly. I have conceded to what others have brought to the table time and time again because people make good points that I then research, and I adapt my views to what the new information presents.

I am not looking for I-told-you-so moments. I do not enjoy them. I want to be wrong about shit like this. But when i say that it is a string unraveling the bigger picture, and that they are trying to normalize communism, please believe me. When I said they didnt want to just defund the police, but abolish the police, many of you didnt believe me when I posted video of their leaders saying it and screenshots of their website announcing it to the world! When I said the lockdowns werent just going to be until we flattened the curve, many of you disagreed even after it wasnt about curve flattening anymore. When I said the numbers were overinflated to make this look worse than it is, many of you ignored the evidence I presented showing that not only were they doing that but their guidelines tell them to! When I say they are indoctrinating our children, I’m not being a conspiracy theorist.

The ugly truth is ugly for a reason. No one wants to see what is in front of their face because it contradicts the narrative that theyve decided is right. No one wants to hear what might make them question what theyve been told to believe. So many people are so fabulous at finding one thing in my posts that they can say something negative about as though it then disproves everything I said.

If I post an entire study and break it down, I am told that it is not science because I’m not a virologist. If I post statistics and what conclusion they lead to, I am not told that I’m wrong, but that it doesnt count because I dont trust the CDC (never mind that I’m using the numbers THEY are putting trust into to back what I’m saying). If I post about situations that masks could hinder the wearer, that are not related to science; I am told that none of it matters because they arent scientific reasons. If I post about the damage mask mandates can have on society, I get told that everything else is discredited because being opposed to the one picture and minuscule paragraph about conditioning people is somehow what the entire post consisted of and was more important than the development of our babies.

No one will ever convince me I’m wrong, if they dont have reasons why I’m not right. If I come to a conclusion about the mission statement of the BLM movement from the information THEY proclaim on their own site, coming at me with, “but that’s not what they mean” or “you’re looking too far into it” is not going to change my mind.

If you think of everything in a binary fashion then you will get nowhere with me. It isnt either A or it must be B, sometimes it is C, D, or X. Just like people that claim I’m against other people wearing masks because I’m not in favor of mask mandates. It isnt simply pro-mask or anti-mask; it is people who want everyone to be forced to wear a mask, people who are in favor of everyone wearing masks, people who believe science doesnt back them having to wear a mask, people who think they need to wear it to protect themselves, people who think they need to wear it to protect others, people who shame others for wearing or not wearing a mask, people who dont have an opinion either way or even people who think masks should be thrown out altogether.

Just like, wait for it, you can think black lives matter without supporting while being vehemently against the Black Lives Matter movement. It isnt a binary choice that you’re either for BLM and care about black people or you dont support the movement so you dont care.

But then again, I’m the conspiracy theorist who claimed COVID-19 wasnt the pandemic they’re claiming and that the radical Left is taking advantage of what could have been a crisis, that the BLM movement was a communist political group that wasn’t “protesting” for equality, and that the racial division was being fueled by the Left to better enact their Marxist revolution which would ultimately lead to a civil war in America. Silly me…



Published by Fiery, but Mostly Peaceful Sara

I am a patriotic mother who has a passion for researching and a knack for writing. Usually judged by my California roots and hippie lifestyle; people automatically assume I am a Liberal, but that couldn’t be further from reality. I’m a pragmatic Constitutional Conservative, and find my information from both sides of the aisle in order to get to the facts.

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