Facebook’s Fact Checking Falsehoods

Apparently were are 68 SCIENTIFIC STUDIES at the time of sending my complaint (now 79), watch that be the only thing they mention to tell me I’m wrong. LibLogic fact checked AGAIN where they do NOT tell me which post it was, and nothing shows as fact checked when I scroll through my profile page. Even one I know was fact checked (someone showed me a screenshot).

They cannot factually say that there is “NO [SCIENTIFIC] EVIDENCE THAT HCQ WORKS” when there clearly are plenty of studies that back up its success. They sneakily say HCQ doesn’t work “alone or with azithromycin OR zinc,” not AND zinc (azithromycin works as a zinc ionosphore), which is the claim they fact checked. Then the study they link to says they used people that had moderate COVID-19 and most were already on oxygen. It does NOT have evidence that it works in moderate cases or when someone is already bad enough to need oxygen.

I DESPISE the way they word things to make it not actually be equal to what you say. ESPECIALLY when it is an opinion, clearly stated with “in my opinion,” “I think,” or “I believe,” and make sure to point out that I am not an expert in any way, and that I am just laying out FACTS with links to the EVIDENCE, and then give my opinion on it, or not. You cannot fact check opinions, obviously not the case here.


This, https://c19study.com/, is “SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCEfrom all over the world. It is simply inaccurate to say there is “no scientific evidence.” Maybe they dont acknowledge it as such, but it IS FACTUALLY “SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE” THAT IS RECOGNIZED BY EVERYONE IN THE WORLD EXCEPT TRUMP HATERS.

The CENSORSHIP is so PARTISAN, and not appropriate for a PLATFORM. If you want to be a PUBLISHER, I think you can afford it, stop being such a tight wad. Blocking posts clearly explained in the post when it is stating an OPINION versus FACT.

Let me reiterate though, this is NOT an OPINION, I stated facts backed by “EVIDENCE” which is specifically what they said made my post false! HCQ+ZINC WORKS.




America’s Frontline Doctors

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