Remdesivir, mRNA-1273, and the NIH

The FDA revoked the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for hydroxychloroquine (a malaria/rheumatoid arthritis/lupus drug deemed among the safest and most prescribed for 65 years until Trump mentioned it) because of possible rare arrhythmias, saying the known risks outweigh the known benefits. They approve remdesivir, an investigational RNA drug that has never been approved by theContinue reading “Remdesivir, mRNA-1273, and the NIH”

Do We Really Need a Vaccine?

Why do we have to have a vaccine for this to truly be over? Why is it that treating it is not an option with the hydroxychloroquine that has an exemplary reputation for being safe and useful… but the “experts” say it is too dangerous… (C19STUDY.COM) The FDA is going to pass the mRNA-1273 asContinue reading “Do We Really Need a Vaccine?”

A Look Back on H1N1

This FDA not approving hydroxychloroquine really grinds my gears. Their reasoning is that it can cause arrhythmia, so the benefits dont outweigh the risks. Right. I decided to take a look at what the CDC recommends for H1N1. They must have thought their drugs then had benefits that outweighed the risks. The drugs they authorizedContinue reading “A Look Back on H1N1”

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