Censor-free Social Media Exists

Conservative voices are constantly being disproportionately silenced by the mainstream social media platforms. If you are looking to add an alternative social media that you won’t be censored on, there are many for you to try out, and here’s the breakdown of the different social media alternatives I’ve been using.

Twitter’s Updated Censorship Guidelines

Life in America is quickly appearing to be using George Orwell’s “1984” as a guidebook, rather than a warning, about the way society should behave under governmental tyranny. Social media has become a tool to fast-track the road to authoritarianism.

BigTech Censorship

Facebook representative, Andy Stone, who worked for Senator Boxer and the DCCC, let the world know via Twitter that he was “protecting the election” by censoring before fact-checkers say it is false information. They have been censoring left and right to cover up for Former Vice President Joe Biden’s scandals and possible criminal activity once again.

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