BLM in Positions of Power

Remember those rioters that pulled that statue down on that other rioter’s head? Apparently the responsible parties consist of a state senator, NAACP representatives, a school board official, and public defenders. Let that sink in. Those people in positions of power, who should be behaving in a respectable manner, were rioting with the mob andContinue reading “BLM in Positions of Power”

Jim Crow Joe

JimCrowJoe is past gaffes, and is just showing his true colors. His mental state is apparent when its turning off his filter. ☆”If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, you ain’t black!”☆ “Take a look at my record, man!” Thats not being “too cavalier” that was his view onContinue reading “Jim Crow Joe”

Doctors Fight Back

Doctors fight back against the Fascistbook fact checking on the use of HCQ for COVID-19. They say much of what I’ve said, but I’m not an expert, and my voice doesnt hold weight to most. So here are experts fact checking the fact checkers. There are some links in the article. ☆HCQTRIAL.COM☆C19STUDY.COM (78 HCQ studies)☆

The Left’s Fear Campaign

These people all are COVID-19 deaths. From cardiac arrest to intentional/unintentional injury to sepsis, they are labeled as COVID-19 deaths. Did they die FROM COVID-19? Nope. Did they die WITH COVID-19? Maybe. The death count for COVID-19 is so insanely overinflated with deaths from all sorts of unCOVID-19related events because people just need to dieContinue reading “The Left’s Fear Campaign”

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