Where Do You Draw The Line?

The draconian lockdown orders from the Leftist governors, like Gavin Newsom, are increasingly resembling the lockdowns on the Chinese people by the Chinese Communist Party. There is no end in sight. From statewide mask mandates to shutting down businesses to mandatory curfews, parts of our country are mirroring that of a police state. My line was drawn long before any of the tyrannical Orders in this article were drafted. I doubt they believed we’d relinquish so much, so easily. Where do you draw the line?

Veteran Bar Owner Takes Own Life After Harrassment by the Radical Left

Jake Gardner, a USMC Iraq war veteran 38-year-old bar owner from Omaha, Nebraska, has allegedly taken his own life after facing a slue of outrageous charges from an incident of self defense during a BLM riot, that cost the rioter his life.

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