CDC Says Masks Wont Prevent Infection?

Guidelines from the CDC’s Public Health Recommendations says that wearing a mask during prolonged exposure (more than 15 minutes) will NOT prevent possible infection.

The COVID-19/Riots Media Yo-yo

From my perspective based off of the information from the CDC, not only do they frighten the public with overinflated COVID-19 deaths, but they still use Pneumonia, Influenza-like Illness, AND COVID-19. So when they determine if we are below the epidemic threshold, there is pneumonia and flu-like illnesses AND the presumed and confirmed cases. EvenContinue reading “The COVID-19/Riots Media Yo-yo”

How Did We Get Here?

HOW DID THEY CONVINCE WE THE PEOPLE OF THE USA TO: ⛔socially distance⛔wear masks⛔have no funerals⛔forcibly home-school while taxing us for public education⛔stay in our homes⛔stop going to church/temple⛔forfeit incomes and personal businesses⛔turn on our friends and neighbors⛔see our grandparents through glass⛔have us on the verge of civil war with each other. ALL TO TURNContinue reading “How Did We Get Here?”

To Mask or Not to Mask

This article is to show that I’m not “killing someone’s grandma” by not wearing one. It also doesnt mean I am advocating for hospital workers to not wear one when in sterile environments. They’re worn in hospital settings to fulfill the need to protect people from bacterial infections!

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