OpEd: My 100lbs Weightloss Journey

If anything can be said of the year 2022, it is that it has been a year of positive change for me. As the lifestyle changes I started making in October of last year became increasingly visibly apparent, I have constantly been asked how I lost the weight.

Everybody is curious to know what I’ve been doing over the past year to make such positive physical transformations to my body. This special breakdown discusses my weight gain, weightloss journey, and reaching my 100lbs weightloss goal!

OpEd: How I Lost Over 75 Pounds in Nine Months

“What’s your secret,” is the most commonly asked question when I post updates of my weight loss journey. Upon request, here is the breakdown of what I have done to lose nearly 80 lbs, including ten dress sizes and almost 10 inches around my waist alone, in nine months. Since writing, I have continued to lose weight and inches, gain muscle, and work hard!

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