Aaron “Jay” Danielson’s Killer Deceased

Man who killed patriot Aaron “Jay” Danielson shot during Federal raid.

Alternative Social Media Does Exist

In the wake of Facebook sending out their new policies that will take place on October 1st, I have seen lots of people leaving Facebook for other social media platforms. What I deduced from the new guidelines is that Facebook has decided to ditch its Section 230 protection from liability for what is posted onContinue reading “Alternative Social Media Does Exist”

Gangs Greenlight Cops in Lightfoot’s Chicago

According to a Monday night report from WLS-TV, approximately 36 street gangs have vowed to “shoot on-sight any cop that has a weapon drawn on any subject in public. This after Mayor Lightfoot has actively sought to refuse the president’s offer of National Guard to get the city, which has become a violent dystopian society,Continue reading “Gangs Greenlight Cops in Lightfoot’s Chicago”

Two Drastically Different Bloody Tuesdays

A white 17 year old kills two white violent felons in self defense, and is charged with 1st degree murder. 19 year old black man felt like murdering a white man, gets charged with aggravated assault.

The Left Incited Violence and Now They Condemn It?

Radical Leftists in positions of power spent the majority of the last three months actually inciting violence and encouraging rioting. From the media to the Senate, they constantly praise rioting. Finally condemning violence after three months, the Harris-Biden campaign led by the Communists of the Democrat Party have enabled and, like the Democratic Vice PresidentialContinue reading “The Left Incited Violence and Now They Condemn It?”

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