“If Only One Side Is Armed Fewer People Will Be Killed”

Texas State Representative Terry Meza (D-TX) has introduced HB196. This bill would repeal the Texas state’s “castle doctrine.” The castle doctrine allows a homeowner to use deadly force against an armed intruder who breaks into one’s home.

2020 VP Debate: Notable Moments Part 1

The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris, and compared to the First 2020 Presidential Debate, it was a snoozer. In reality it was incredibly important for the American people to see that Vice President Pence is the calm to President Trump’s storm.

Here’s Part 1 of my breakdown debunking Kamala’s lies, pointing out her inability to answer simple questions, and notable moments from Vice President Pence in regards to The Coronavirus Pandemic and The Issue of Presidential Disability. More to come in Parts 2 and 3!

Voting by Party Affiliation: How a “Transexual Satanist Anarchist” Got the GOP Vote

Republicans voting by affiliation rather than qualification caused self-described “transexual satanist anarchist,” Aria DiMezzo, who ran for Republican High Sheriff in Cheshire County, New Hampshire to win the primaries. Over 4,000 GOP voters, whom I am almost positive wouldn’t vote for someone whose campaign slogan is “F*** the Police,” voted for DiMezzo. Boy, were they mad.

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