Fact Checker Bias in Social Media

The censorship on social media platforms extends past the BigTech oligarchy. This breakdown shows how it flows into the branches of “independent fact checkers” who help decide what is ‘best for you to know’ because they think you’re too stupid to form proper opinions or want to hinder your basis of your views by excluding and discrediting important, relevant information.

Biden’s History of Racism

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a history of making questionable racially related comments. It is not hard to find his offensive remarks online, but I gathered some of Biden’s most memorable racist moments, and here’s the breakdown.

Biden Blunders

Former Vice President Joe Biden seems to be struggling with dementia or some other form of cognitive decline. He is painfully difficult to watch at times, and only getting worse by the day. However, they can be funny at times, and this article is purely informative entertainment.

The Left Incited Violence and Now They Condemn It?

Radical Leftists in positions of power spent the majority of the last three months actually inciting violence and encouraging rioting. From the media to the Senate, they constantly praise rioting. Finally condemning violence after three months, the Harris-Biden campaign led by the Communists of the Democrat Party have enabled and, like the Democratic Vice PresidentialContinue reading “The Left Incited Violence and Now They Condemn It?”

Why Vote Biden- Without Saying Trump!

I made a post about Bidens lack of accomplishments in his half century of being a public servant. I thought, I’ll just throw in some of Trump’s accomplishments off the top of my head for some comparison… 34 Trump accomplishments later I realized I didnt need to rub it in that Biden is worthless asContinue reading “Why Vote Biden- Without Saying Trump!”

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