Fact Checker Bias in Social Media

The censorship on social media platforms extends past the BigTech oligarchy. This breakdown shows how it flows into the branches of “independent fact checkers” who help decide what is ‘best for you to know’ because they think you’re too stupid to form proper opinions or want to hinder your basis of your views by excluding and discrediting important, relevant information.

Has California Been Ravaged by COVID-19?

California’s guidelines for reopening are unrealistic at best. Counties that have practically been unaffected by COVID-19 have been shut down for months.

Comorbidities Inflate COVID-19 Death Count

Deaths listed with COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death can be any of these highlighted reasons, and will be a COVID-19 death. I have said it once, twice, or ten times, and I’ll say it again: these numbers they feed you are inflated! Not all of these people died FROM COVID-19 or WITH COVID-19Continue reading “Comorbidities Inflate COVID-19 Death Count”

Debunking the Mass Mail-in Voting Scheme

I don’t wanna to hear anything about mail-in voting after the March on Washington yesterday. If you can do this, you can go to a polling place. These Leftists are such binary thinking extremists. It’s only one extreme (packed like sardines at the polling place) or another extreme (indiscriminately send tens of millions of peopleContinue reading “Debunking the Mass Mail-in Voting Scheme”

Give Doctors Access to HCQ

Do you remember when your personal doctor was trusted enough at their profession to decide what the best treatment was for their patient? Despite how it appears in 2020, there was a time when any drug that was FDA approved, it became the doctor’s educated decision to decide it was best for their patient, andContinue reading “Give Doctors Access to HCQ”

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