Murdered for Supporting President Trump

A man has been murdered in the streets of Portland, OR last night.

The Marxist Revolution in America

I wrote this a couple of months ago, but it applies now more than ever. This Marxist revolution is disgusting. Just past the horizon is a Marxist America that I never want my kids to live through. Please read till the end, this is so very important. Sources and Facebook posts of my research linksContinue reading “The Marxist Revolution in America”

Leftists Sue Trump Over Anti-Censorship Executive Order

I’m beginning to wonder what reality these people are living in; this is so absurd! Leftist organizations are suing the president for an Executive Order forcing BigTech PLATFORMS to uphold the first amendment, and stop unfairly censoring. This EO is so incredibly bipartisan in terms of who it affects, and they are literally suing onContinue reading “Leftists Sue Trump Over Anti-Censorship Executive Order”

Debunking the Mass Mail-in Voting Scheme

I don’t wanna to hear anything about mail-in voting after the March on Washington yesterday. If you can do this, you can go to a polling place. These Leftists are such binary thinking extremists. It’s only one extreme (packed like sardines at the polling place) or another extreme (indiscriminately send tens of millions of peopleContinue reading “Debunking the Mass Mail-in Voting Scheme”

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