Debunking Lies About MeWe and Parler

social media is a train wreck. don’t bash the trains that are trying to stay on the tracks.

Medias Attempt at Distraction from Antifa Murdering Jay Danielson

The MSM does not want you to be aware that Antifa is targeting Trump supporters. they’d rather have you distracted arguing over the integrity of our president. look, a distraction!

California’s Lockdown Wont End Until There’s A Vaccine

I wish I could say I am bewildered by Gavin Newsom’s continuous changes to the requirements of opening the state back up. What started as lockdown while we “flatten the curve” as to not overwhelm hospitals has since grown to be reopening when there are no new cases any more. California has been below theContinue reading “California’s Lockdown Wont End Until There’s A Vaccine”

Dear Dr Fauci… A Letter About HCQ From Three Physicians

Three physicians wrote a profoundly important letter to Dr Fauci questioning the ban on hydroxychloroquine and his role in it as the Coronavirus Taskforce czar.

Dr Fareed’s Letter to The Coronavirus Taskforce

Dr George Fareed wrote a letter to the Coronavirus Taskforce urging them to take another look into hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

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