Leftists Sue Trump Over Anti-Censorship Executive Order

I’m beginning to wonder what reality these people are living in; this is so absurd! Leftist organizations are suing the president for an Executive Order forcing BigTech PLATFORMS to uphold the first amendment, and stop unfairly censoring. This EO is so incredibly bipartisan in terms of who it affects, and they are literally suing onContinue reading “Leftists Sue Trump Over Anti-Censorship Executive Order”

Debunking the Mass Mail-in Voting Scheme

I don’t wanna to hear anything about mail-in voting after the March on Washington yesterday. If you can do this, you can go to a polling place. These Leftists are such binary thinking extremists. It’s only one extreme (packed like sardines at the polling place) or another extreme (indiscriminately send tens of millions of peopleContinue reading “Debunking the Mass Mail-in Voting Scheme”

BURN LOOT MURDER Movement is Destroying America

the Silent Majority is getting closer and closer to be willing to stand up and fight for our freedoms and our nation. America is burning. Pretty soon America is going to be fighting back, and they’re not going to like when that happens.

Give Doctors Access to HCQ

Do you remember when your personal doctor was trusted enough at their profession to decide what the best treatment was for their patient? Despite how it appears in 2020, there was a time when any drug that was FDA approved, it became the doctor’s educated decision to decide it was best for their patient, andContinue reading “Give Doctors Access to HCQ”

G Edward Griffin Predicted 2020

https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=mthj2Z7xqvM G Edward Griffin of the John Birch Society in 1969 explaining the communist revolution we are currently witnessing. It is an enlightening lecture, and I didnt find it to be boring. I encourage you to watch this. The radical Left, the once Democratic party- now Democratic Socialists Party (which is a sugarcoated way ofContinue reading “G Edward Griffin Predicted 2020”

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