Trust Stamp: Bill Gates Funded Global Biometrics Identification, Surveillance, and More

Any time I see programs that so-called philanthropist Bill Gates, his foundation, or his pet projects like Gavi fund, my spidey senses immediately begin tingling. I discovered Trust Stamp through a deep dive down the rabbit hole of this infamous human hating billionaire, and it is full of shockingly invasive possibilities that will leave no corner veiled to any government. This breakdown will delve into the goings-on of Trust Stamp, Inc., the Atlanta, GA based company that has taken the world of global surveillance by storm.

Remembering Democratic Outrage of 2016 Election

President Donald J Trump is possibly the most demonized sitting president we have had in the nation. Many Democrats spoke highly of him until he beat Hillary Clinton. He instantly became the target for the hate-filled outrage which gave birth to Trump Derangement Syndrome. Read more for a reminder of the Left inciting attacks on Trump and his supporters after the 2016 election to prepare for the results of Trump winning the 2020 election.

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