Sleepless in Seattle (Because the Riots Never End)

The Seattle Police Department’s officers have been through so much complete and utter BULLSHIT over the past 10 weeks of VIOLENT, DESTRUCTIVE, BRUTAL ‘peaceful protests,’ as the mainstream media prefers to address them. Just one of many Democrat ran cities that refuse to let their police do their job as it goes up in flames.Continue reading “Sleepless in Seattle (Because the Riots Never End)”

George Floyd’s False Idols

False idol of a criminal “martyr”… removing history… plastering a headshot, for people to praise, throughout the nation… why does that sound familiar…? …kind of reminds me of COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIPS. Except not a leader. Instead of Mao, Castro, Lenin, or Stalin, it is a shrine to the man whose murder was used to ignite theContinue reading “George Floyd’s False Idols”

The Science of Mask Mandates

I believe informing and educating the public to make evidence-based decisions for their personal well-being would empower them with the knowledge needed to decide for themselves whether donning a face mask is right for them. The Establishment, in reality, is mainly benefiting from the dehumanization and isolation of the American citizenry inflicted by forced masking.

Shadowgate and the Arrest of Millie Weaver

Shadowgate was uploaded to the internet, and upon its upload, the woman behind the film, Millie Weaver, was arrested on a sealed indictment, her husband and her brother were also arrested. She had a hearing with CPS to fight for their kids Monday morning and THEN an arraignment for her arrest. Supposedly because of chargesContinue reading “Shadowgate and the Arrest of Millie Weaver”

Obamagate: Lead FBI Attorney Pleads Guilty

What the MSM didnt want you to hear about: Lead FBI lawyer pleading guilty that he lied saying Carter Page was not a source for the CIA to make him look like a Russian spy which was how the “collusion between Trump and Russia” hoax was able to begin. All of it was based onContinue reading “Obamagate: Lead FBI Attorney Pleads Guilty”

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