mRNA Vaccines are NOT Traditional Vaccines

Many people are unaware that the new COVID-19 vaccines are not your typical, traditional vaccines. These are not partial or inactive viruses injected into you, they are a new, never before FDA-approved vaccine that essentially uses lab-edited mRNA to trick your body into fighting the virus… that it also tricks your body into producing, supposedly in quantities too small to be able to get sick from.

This is the breakdown of the mRNA vaccine, a little bit of history on genetically engineered biotechnological vaccines, and the concerning effects the Moderna mRNA-1273 vaccine had on animals and people (Pfizer will not release the results of their clinical trials that show what type of effects were experienced by their test subjects).

Asymptomatic people don’t transmit COVID and do retain antibodies

First and foremost, it is important to point out that there’s a new study that Suggests Asymptomatic COVID Patients Aren’t “Driver Of Transmission”. I find this to contradict their blatant desire to vaccinate everyone, feeding us the reason of “they’ll kill grandma” as an asymptomatic spreader if they don’t. 

Also contrary to their obsession with vaccinating the planet is the new Japanese study that finds 98% Of COVID patients still have neutralizing antibodies 6 months after having COVID. Zero Hedge reported,”The team, led by Yokohama City University professor Takeharu Yamanaka, is already planning to conduct a follow-up study to see whether these people will still have such antibodies a year after their infections.”

In the recently released study results, researchers checked the blood samples from 376 people who had previously had COVID and recovered from samples collected 6 months after they were infected. The study concluded that “in general, people with neutralizing antibodies are believed to carry a low risk of reinfection…This gives some hope” for the effectiveness of the vaccines that will be distributed across the globe.

You’re expected to blindly trust the government and believe you’re in dire need of their brand new type of vaccine, an mRNA vaccine, that they tested on people for merely two months. Even though it was only “effective” because it caused the immune reaction desired; however, I previously wrote about how it killed all the animals in trial when exposed to the wild virus because of what is called a “cytokine storm”– the body attacking itself in a way that resembles sepsis.

What is an mRNA vaccine?

An mRNA vaccine is a new type of vaccine that drastically differs from the traditional vaccines that we get for polio, mumps, and more from the time we were infants. To explain how the mRNA vaccine works, I’m going to explain the immune reaction and a traditional vaccine so you can compare.

First of all, when you get a traditional vaccine, you get injected with a weak, inactive, or a piece of the virus, and your body produces neutralizing antibodies that attack the virus. The production of the antibodies is what prevents you from getting sick again because they were created specifically for that virus and are waiting to protect you the next time you encounter the pathogen.

A traditional vaccine is made by growing viruses in an egg or a mammalian cell in a lab. They then take the grown virus and either inactivate it using chemicals or remove a part of the virus to be used as the inoculation method in the vaccine. Polio, rabies, and influenza vaccines are examples of vaccines made with inactive virus particles and hepatitis and HPV are made with pieces of the virus.

Inactive vaccines cannot cause a weakened version of the disease and can be used in people who have weakened immune systems; however, usually multiple doses are necessary to trigger an immune response.

When they use a piece of a virus to create a vaccine, it does have the ability to get sick from it, but you usually only needs two doses of the vaccine to trigger the proper immune response.

An mRNA vaccine is much different in various ways from the traditional vaccines that have been used for over one hundred years. The first way it differs is that it causes the person vaccinated to make part of the virus instead of causing the vaccinated person to only create the antibodies to the virus.

The mRNA vaccines are not composed of the virus like the lab grown virus vaccines. Instead they take a piece of the virus for gene sequencing in order to sequence the DNA of the virus and separate it. They then clone the DNA in order to snip the RNA out of the virus. The vaccine contains messenger RNA (mRNA), which is the code, or blueprint, for the unique spike protein that are on the surface of the virus, in this case- SARS-CoV-2 or the novel coronavirus.

The mRNA is “programmed” to hold the directions for making the correct viral proteins to cause an immune response. However, the mRNA has to enter our cells in order to get them to make the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2. For this they were able to create Lipid NanoParticles to encapsulate the mRNA in order to make it oily like the cell membranes it needs to penetrate.

This is where our bodies start doing the work. Our ribosomes inside the cells make protein complexes and the mRNA teaches them how to do it, these specifically teaching the spike proteins for SARS-CoV-2, with the intention of having it only create a minuscule amount of “harmless” virus proteins. In essence, the goal is to trick the body into creating an immune response.

Your body should now recognize that the new spike protein for the virus is a foreign element and start producing antigens using the directions from the mRNA. When this happens the cell presents the antigens to the immune system where an immune system reaction should create T-cells and antibodies to fight that specific virus.

If the antibodies bind with the virus, it should then create more antibodies to fight the same virus. This in turn is supposed to make it so you now have immunologic memory and carry the antibodies necessary to fight the virus if it enters the body naturally. Supposedly, the viral spike proteins cannot make you sick.

The CDC wants every person vaccinated

The CDC recklessly posted this on their Twitter saying that the entire country needs to be vaccinated for us to stop wearing masks and social distancing, while at the same time making it seem as though we wont all be able to get vaccinated because “supplies are limited”

I find it extremely concerning that they are encouraging everyone, including pregnant or breastfeeding women, to get vaccinated when there is literally no information on how it could effect the mother or the baby. The CDC website literally says in multiple spots that “there are limited data” and “the potential risks of mRNA vaccines to the pregnant person and her fetus are unknown because these vaccines have not been studied in pregnant women.” Nor do they know if it is safe for lactating women or “the effects of mRNA vaccines on the breastfed infant or on milk production.” I

They also tell you that if you get COVID it “may offer some natural protection known as immunity” before going against everything we know about viruses by implying that the body may stop fighting the virus after some time.

They act as though they are the only determining factor of what risks I personally am willing to take saying, “the risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19 far outweighs any benefits of natural immunity.” The implication is that you would not create the necessary antibodies to fight the virus unless you get inoculated.

The most interesting part about all of this, is that the vaccine is supposed to make people have the proper antibodies without actually giving them the virus so why do they insist on everyone wearing useless masks and social distancing after they receive the vaccination?

The scariest thing is that they are using the human population as guinea pigs. The last sentence in the last photo below says we need to keep wearing masks, social distancing, and other preventative measures “as we learn more about how COVID-19 vaccines work in real-world conditions.” These vaccines have never been used in real-world conditions, and we are the test subjects. Not to mention the side effects will have you feeling like you had the flu for a few days after the first shot when the second shot is the one with serious adverse reactions.

WHO knew an extreme situation would be needed for us to accept an mRNA vaccine

Found some interesting information in a WikiLeaks World Health Organization (WHO) document about pandemic planning from 2009. Apparently, they knew people wouldn’t appreciate the new mRNA vaccines being dubbed as “biotech” or “genetic engineering,” but wanted to know how to encourage everyone to get vaccinated, knowing a slow spreading virus wouldn’t be enough to scare people into getting it, and that there needed to be a widespread, fast-moving pandemic.

These people in our government entities know that fear induces irrational compliance, saying, “in the event of a severe pandemic the vast majority of people would opt for a vaccination […] for the simple reason that fear of severe illness or death from the disease is greater than concern about the vaccine.”

They also say on the 2009 WHO document that widespread use of the traditional style of vaccine would deter people from receiving the mRNA vaccines, which explains why no company attempted at creating a “recombinant (pre)pandemic vaccine”. Naturally, if people knew there was a choice between a traditional vaccine and a genetically engineered biotechnology vaccine, they would choose the former.

Moderna’s mRNA-1273

In a Moderna press release, they reported that the new mRNA-1273 vaccine had produced no “serious adverse events” (SAEs) among the 45 people who participated in the trial and that it considered the vaccine to be “generally safe” and “well-tolerated.” However, there were 3 of 15 participants in the high-dose group, and 4 of 45 overall, who experienced grade 3 adverse events to the new mRNA-1273 vaccine.

That doesn’t sound like much when you hear it is four people, but that is 9% of the entire test group and a whopping 20% of the high-dose group. If we are talking about vaccinating even approximately half the country, 165 million people, that leaves nearly 15 million people in the low doses, and if they didn’t switch the dosage sizes, it would be around 33 million people in the high dose that would likely experience grade 3 SAEs.

When you think about how Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates (who thinks hes a doctor) have an urgent desire to vaccinate the entire world’s population, that turns into an enormous number of people who will likely experience grade 3 SAEs. We’re talking 7.8 billion people on the planet, these psychos want to inoculate. If the numbers held true for the SAEs, that is somewhere around 702 million.

However, in their press release they make sure to put the attention on the smaller dosages, though people need a second or third vaccination in order to produce the antibodies that one would expect from a vaccine, and people experience SAEs after the second dose.

One of my first pieces I wrote, Remdesivir, mRNA, and the NIH, when I created my Bacon Breaks It Down back in August has more info about it and the NIH’s hand in it. There is more information there on the history of the mRNA vaccines, the drug remdesivir and the different parts of this that the NIH funded. It is not my best work, but it is informative.

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